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Group posts 'Godless billboards' in Ohio cities

Some time ago (1990's?), a mathematical computation was made which equated the probability that our known universe was simply a matter of "chance"

was about the same as

a tornado crossing over a junkyard and assembling the random pieces into a completely functioning automobile...

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Group posts 'Godless billboards' in Ohio cities

So, let me understand the logic behind Tigerlily's statement: "Keep your faith. But leave others alone about it."

The Godless can promote their (faith / ideology) through public billboard campaigns, but NilesOhio can not.

yeah, okay.

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Swipes For School?

I get it.

The kids that can not make change for a purchase of $4.97 when given a $5 bill and 2 dimes and 2 pennies (without the benefit of a cash register or calculator) are obtaining a "world class" ed-u-mi-cation.

I think we need to pay more, more, MORE! in state and local taxes.

Let's give 'em 100%!!

alas, that would not be enough for the bleeding heart libs

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Ohio lawmakers promote creation of state livestock board

""The resolutions would ask voters in November to establish the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board, a 13-member panel that would develop standards for biosecurity on farms""


Will these jobs be available to us common folk, or shall they be appointed by our overpaid elected officals (read: the old boy network)??

Any word on their yearly salary, benefits, and retirement package??

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State approves $134K to provide religious programming for prison inmates

On the face of it, $134,000 seems like "a lot" of money; however, with a prison population in Ohio of about 52,000 (as of 2008) it's "only" about $2.50 per inmate.

I wonder how much they allocate to cable TV service? (which is not mandated as far as I know)

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Former Trumbull deputies found guilty of stealing from their charity

I'm thinking of starting a charity

Citizens Fed Up With Corruption Association

... to educate the public about the corruption of government officials. Maybe congress will authorize some operating funds, like they did for ACORN

on second thought, forgetaboutit
I don't have a criminal mindset.

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Trumbull engineer advocates additional vehicle license tax

Sounds like a better deal than the E-check people get in other counties.

$15 a year? Come on people. That's 2 fast food meals.

And yes, we are overtaxed.
On the federal level -- they spend beyond thier means - and they ARE out of control - and I would say No!!!!

On a local level, for now, they remain accountable. We need decent roads.
Jobs are going, the money has to come from somewhere.

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Ryan, Brown tout federal legislation to retrain displaced workers

Scores of high tech jobs are in the local want ads daily.

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Even a missile launch failure shows North Korean problem

CitizenCane wrote: "The UN is useless." that I would add...

"and that's on a good day!"

T axed
E nough
A lready!

TEA party time! :)

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