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Boy, 2, shot in face at home, critical

Wayne LaPierre cheers, guns are good for everyone.

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YSU football adds 22 players, loses four

Fact is the talent here isn't that good at this level any more. Recently, local recruits leave YSU because they are not good enough for this level. The running back Jones from Ursline, Conlan and now Trgovich to name a few. If it was legit talent it would be recruited. Where have any of YSU level players from the area gone that have excelled?

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Obama, NY and NJ lawmakers press for Sandy aid

Face facts, New York And New Jersey voteted for Obama. There is no way a Republican house is voting for them. No matter how right it is, the republicans will not vote for it. They don't care what is right, they only wan' t to pander to the right ring nuts. It's better to pander rather than to care about what is the right thing to do when you are a republican.

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Doors to close on Youngstown tradition

No problem with the Youngstown club being what is. Have the money to join but never would join. No reason to hate those that want to be in that type of setting. To each their own.

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Attempts to suppress voting irks ex-judge Nate Jones

The country had gone over 200 years with no ID for voting. The only reason it is important now after 200+ years is that the current powers to be want to suppress the votes that they don't want.

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Camping out to cast first

This country has gone well over 200 years without requiring an ID to vote. I’m confused as to why it is now so important.

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Tea Party Express makes stop in Canfield

If the tea party thinks that Romney cares about their issues, they are living in dream land. Romney is an old money republican and only cares about the old money republican issues.

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BIDEN LIVE | Joe Biden has hit the Canfield Fair

Hey, it's labor day. The Democrats are for people that work for a living. Give them this week. If we have a week for the rich, give it to Rooney. He knows what it is like to have an elevator in his garage to move his cars around.

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Hagan wants to see more of Romney’s tax returns

Romney is afraid because of all the money he is hiding offshore is not in his tithing to the Mormon Church. He is more afraid of the Church scandal for not tithing his fair shair than anything else.

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Romney stand-ins stump ahead of Obama's visit today

Let’s see, Romney’s philosophy, buy companies and send the jobs to foreign countries. Invest his money in foreign tax haven countries like the Grand Cayman Islands. But, he wants to be America’s President. Doesn’t sound too American to me.

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