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For Texas family, a fracking mess

There are so many unknowns and there was no health or environmental impact study done for Arlngton or Ft Worth...etc but we are finding out the hard way about the risks through real life experiences that I detail in my blog BarnettShaeHell. The ten things on the right hand side of the blog are common sense, but the industry and city leaders will not have a conversation to employ these $afeguards to our air and watershed. Now we risk soured wells from Sulfate Reducing Bacteria which is corrosive to cement, steel and harms the water,soil and...lungs. SRB’s require biocides and like mother nature, she ends up outwitting man and these biocides become ineffective overtime...we must not start adding more and more chemicals.

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I see so many pro drilling guys following every word Tillman has...nice to know he's a threat to their pocketbock! Folks just admit that the surface equipment alone spewing out diesel is a health threat to those breathing it. Visibly frack sand flying through the air is a known lung hazard, the offensive odor in flowback fluids and the white wafting clouds of unknown chemicals that have reported health effects are a reality too. The nose bleeds occuring on the UTA campus in Arlington (they have 22 gas wells) is happening. The industry is out of time..the public has caught up to your nasty business and each day new people join the truth team. Drill baby drill is really kill baby kill. The three year air study done in Garfield Colorado was summerized on March 20 Downwinders At Risk as those living within 1/2 mile of gas wells has 2/3's increased cancer risk. Any questions?

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