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Former councilman wins $10,000 in sweepstakes

That's great! Best wishes to him.

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Health care a moral issue

Thank you for the suggestion. I will definitely watch the movie. It sounds interesting.

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Health care a moral issue

Ann, I agree with you about health care being a moral issue. I have to admit that I am totally flummoxed by the insurance industry in all arenas and how it works. Regarding your situation where your health insurance cost was increased because it had to be used doesn't make any sense to me. That's crazy. I had a similar situation with homeowner's insurance years ago. I just called and questioned whether or not damage to my home was covered under my insurance and was immediately dropped two weeks later. The answer had been that most likely the event that I had described wasn't covered. No one came out from the insurance company to review the situation. It was a simple telephone conversation where I had called and asked if this was covered under my policy. They replied no and I was fine with that. Two weeks later I got the letter that in one month my insurance was being cancelled. Luckily another insurance company happily insured my home and has for many years since. But it's just crazy how it works. I really need to study how the insurance industry works because I'm not very clear on it.

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Valley Muslims open doors to public to share culture

I think that you have entirely misintrepreted the point of the open house. I don't believe that the intent was "to shove this down our throats." America used to be considered a melting pot where it's actually a bit more of a mosaic, with each of us respecting and living side by side with one another. It doesn't mean that you have to become any other religion. It's just providing knowledge and awareness of others. THis day was no different than the many Italian Fests, Greek Hertitage Fests, Oktoberfests, Irish Gaelic, community festivals,parades, etc. They all make each of us aware of the others' heritages not saying that we all must now be Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Russian Orthodox, Protestant, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu or follow the same traditions as the hosts of the festivals that we might attend.
Yes all of those individuals came to America the same as the many Muslims looking for a better life and tolerance and economic opportunities came to the United States. It doesn't mean that they have to forget their heritage and are not Americans. It would be very hypocritical and intolerant to treat Muslims' open house and heritage celebrations any differently than the annual Italian, Greek, Irish, German, etc. that take place around the valley and have for many years and have recd much publicity. Why should Muslim lawabiding citizens be treated any differently. Not all Muslims treat their women as second class citizens. Also treating women as second class citizens still persists in many cultures not just the Muslim community. Women still do not receive equal pay and opportunity in many cultures.

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Utility to sell you $9 bulbs for $21

I already purchased my energy saving bulbs myself. This is a ridiculous idea! Just a way of increasing the rate. Why not have skipped the expense of buying the bulbs (First Energy) and just increased our bill for the lesser amount that wouldn't have included their cost for the bulbs. If promoting energy efficiency was mandated, coupons for bulbs would have been the best idea.
I don't like the idea of paying for something that I already own.

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This is unAmerican

Well said Clarkkent! Superman to the rescue! :-)

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This is unAmerican

I just saw your last post where you are lamenting that people are being hypocritical with you. I'm sure that you know the difference between free speech and being a gentleman or lady and being polite. I certainly hope that you don't talk to other people that rudely in person. I assume that you are only rude when you're anonymous on these boards. Somewhere along the line someone had to have taught you some common courtesy.

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This is unAmerican

Thank you for writing your letter. It makes an excellent point while giving us something to think about. Awhile back Senator Jim Webb wrote an article that was published in "The Parade Magazine. In the article Sen. Webb discussed the United States prison system and in certain instances the need for reform.

FYI DoctorGonzo - "your grammar ain't so hot, " so if I were you I wouldn't throw stones. We're not all perfect, just people with thoughts and opinions.

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Vote yes on Issue 1 to give Ohio veterans a bonus

Definitely we should support our veterans and vote for Issue 1!

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Speaker: Israel uses aid for attacks

Ms. Weir's findings are very interesting. I am astonished at the tremendous number of deaths that occur among the Palestinians. Why is everyone so willing to put on earmuffs and blinders regarding this? The Palestinians are human beings with hearts and souls. Why are their deaths hardly being given the attention that is given to a throw away napkin. Why don't people care? I don't get it. I truly don't.
To me this is really a tragedy and a blight on humanity.

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