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Obama again delayss pipeline plans, angering GOP, Canada

Obama's stated reason for rejecting was that the effects of this pipeline had not had enough study in the deadline timeframe.
Funny, he didn't use this same logic in his rush to pass Obamacare, which even Pelosi admitted hadn't been studied (remember her "we'll find out what's in it when we pass it"?).

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President Obama to speak in northeast Ohio

Don't worry about his showing up here in the Valley. We only see major politicians every 4 years, when they are promising the sun, moon, and stars in return for votes. And it's not time yet.

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Do you plan on buying a Chevrolet Cruze this year?

Not planning on buying a Cruze 'cuz I'm holding out for the next GM model, the ORLANDO.

LOL, who thought that name up?....The ORLANDO. Based on the name only, I predict that that model line is doomed, big-time)

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President Clinton to attend fundraiser in Canfield Tuesday

Hmmm...and it's not an election year......thought we only saw him every 4!

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Should judges be able to mandate their budgets regardless of a government’s fiscal problems?

What part of "blood out of a turnip" do they not understand??

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Man running from cops collides with cruiser

And of course the good guys will eat the bill for his ER visit, X-rays & CT scan. And of course the average law-abiding citizen can't afford medical care for himself. What a world.....

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Warren woman challenges city schools’ expulsion policy in court

What part of "zero tolerance" is so hard to understand??? Kudos to the school district and shame on that mother for reinforcing unacceptable behavior. Fighting is fighting, and it's about time our schools get back to the business of educating and not refereeing.

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Pa. man charged with performing sex act on a lamb

Wonder if he had the urge for a Camel afterwards???

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Pa. man charged with performing sex act on a lamb

Sickening story but hilarious comments.Above posters owe me for a new keyboard (laughing hysterically=coffee spew).

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Municipal judges order city to build them a new courthouse

How about Youngstown residents order city council and Mayor Jay Williams to "provide suitable municipal court judges" "now" instead?
Are these jokers crazy? Do they not know what economic problems this area, let alone the city, is facing? And just what is so unsuitable about the current facilities that can't be repaired at less cost than building a new courthouse?
What a bunch of idiots. Suck it up like the rest of us, your honors.

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