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Will Michelle Obama Help Working Moms?

I hear you! I had an 18 year career in advertising. Made it to V.P. at one of the largest banks in the U.S. But when I decided to take time off to be with my kids it was believed I was "unambitious". Several other women approached me remarking "how brave I was". These were conversations in whispers so they too weren't believed to be unambitious. And yes, I got tired of the competition every Monday on how late everyone worked the week before and over the weekend. I was so efficient when I was in the office that the guy who replaced me (who had no kids) finally had to say he couldn't do all the work I did. I mentioned to HR about the articles I was reading on helping women re-enter the workforce after taking time off to be with kids...but unless there is a shortage of workers I don't think they'll make efforts to implement such programs. (check out Flexperian as one company who is helping). I think someday they will but it's not there yet. Affordable day care close to work (since so many of us can't afford to live close to work) would also be a great help. Thanks for the post. I hope Michelle reads it. :-)

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