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Austintown schools chief, board member file police reports

"Porter told police after the board meeting that he heard Colaluca “chirping and yapping” that Porter lied when he told the board and community about the Boardman shirt." - Why the heck would Colaluca bother to lie about this? He has been seen at other events sitting on the Boardman side (this has happened numerous times), as well as appeared in a Boardman warm up suit at a YSU tailgate party the Austintown students had been invited to. Porter wasn't even asking him to wear Falconwear, just something neutral. Some people may think it is no big deal, but if you were president of Ohio State, would you go sit on the Michigan side or wear Michigan apparel to Ohio State functions? Not likely. Bad form...
"Colaluca told police that after the Oct. 22 board meeting, Porter walked by him and said something he could not hear. Colaluca told police he did tell Porter to stop telling lies about him. Colaluca saw another board member walk Porter out of the Austintown Middle School cafeteria where the meeting was conducted." - Not sure where the reporter got the location from, but the 10/22 BOE meeting was held at Austintown Elementary, not Middle School.

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Austintown school board hears complaints on speaking policy

Ah, the good old days! If you had a problem, you signed up, said your piece at the END of the meeting, then Mr. Creatore and the board would make sure you didn't walk out of there without at least the first step towards a solution. After Mr. Creatore left, the board slowly morphed into what we have currently - a group of stone faced elitists (with the exception of Porter). I concede that Dr. Stellers at least thanks most speakers for their comments, but I was surprised at his nasty attitude at the September BOE meeting. He claimed the member's numbers are on the district website (also proclaiming his is "in the phone book"). Point of fact is, as evidenced by the copied page below, only the district's main phone number appears online. To add insult to injury, Lou Chine's name still appears on there in lieu of Harold Porter's. Then they wonder why people feel they are out of touch.

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Of Rayen and soccer and love

I can still see those splits in the fence if I close my eyes and let my mind drift...

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Child in critical condition after beatings, Austintown police say

My heart weeps for the little girl.

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Landmark Warren restaurant franchise coming to Austintown

Don't worry ATowners, you can love both Sunrise and Wedgewood. They are 2 totally different pizzas. Can't wait!

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Approval of bond issue would make Austintown ‘flagship of education’

All elementary buildings plus Frank Ohl will be razed if this passes. (After money is spent refurbishing Davis to hold kids during the transition.- I believe the state-AKA us taxpayers- kicks in for that.)16 classes per grade level will be the norm. People think it is bad now when there are grade-level programs. Imagine when there's 400 1st Graders performing a holiday musical. How many days will this event be spread out over to accomodate the parents? It'll have to run for a week. Not to mention how they'll pull off lunch for 400 Kindergarteners in a timely manner. They don't seem to grasp the maturity level of the children they are hoping to house in these buildings. The only positive I'm hearing from the staff is the seductive allure of air conditioning. Technology is nice, but it all costs money to keep it up.

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Austintown school race is crowded and calm

PTA Votes.

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Austintown school race is crowded and calm

According to FalconFighter,"As for the PTA advocates, I'm sorry, but volunteering in the schools and making popcorn on fridays does not qualify you to make intelligent decisions about the education and curriculum for the current and future pupils in our community. There may be an opening at the bus garage to drive a soccer van to Canton."

Ummm... FalconFighter, you may want to have a gander at Mr. Schnurrenberger's candidate's profile on this website. He cites being a PTA volunteer as one of his qualifications. So, in your opinion, he is merely qualified to drive that soccer van, no?

"Schnurrenberger has long been a household name in the township, with quite a legacy. Having three children go through the austintown schools successfully in academics and athletics, this man has done a fine job. He is very familiar with the past, present, and future of this community and school district. I cannot say enough about him."

You perplex me, FalconFighter. You denigrate PTA advocates, yet praise someone for merely siring 3 children. Many people have produced children who have attended ALSD, graduated and gone on to live fruitful lives. How does this uniquely qualify David Schnurrenberger for a position on the BOE over other candidates whose spawn have attended ALSD? If being married to a teacher and siring a teacher qualify you, then by golly my father-in-law should have a seat waiting for him, too.

I am not personally attacking the man, but I fail to see what makes him stand out over anyone else. You have several candidates with children who are or have been students of ALSD. Several who have volunteered in church, school and athletics. He reminds me of Lou Chine in the respect that he has family employed by the district. How will this effect his decisions during negotiations? Will he recuse himself?

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Austintown school race is crowded and calm

So therefore, residents should vote between Klein,Stellers, Wickham and Zeigler! A vote for the endorsed candidates is obviously a vote for the current board dynamics, with a devastating loss of common sense in replacing Traci Morse with Dave Scnurrenberger (who sounds like Lou Chine's long-lost kin). Kathy Mock is evidently a somewhat younger version of Joyce Pogany.

I guess PTA involvement means nothing to the Vindy. I know both Nancy Wickham and Chris Zeigler are heavily involved in the district as officers in the PTA. I think that kind of service speaks volumes as far as character goes. Volunteering steadily in the schools shows true altruism. You are paid only in the smiles of the children (so worth it). Plenty of negative stuff that goes along with it, to boot.

Sounds to me like they were disappointed that there were no candidates who responded to their baiting. It sells more papers when someone stirs the poo, I guess.

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School has town-hall meeting

They want our input now because they want our money. Why wasn't the community involved in deciding whether we wanted all the children on one campus? We only were given a choice between a K-2 with 1200 kids (16 classes per grade) & a 3-5 with 1200 kids OR K-3 with 1600 kids and a 4-5 with 800 (same as Frank Ohl holds right now). No neighborhood schools, no "none of the above". They try to put the onus on the OSFC as far as saying they will only build the campus option. Not true. They make reccommendations, but as long as you have property (and the district does) they will build whatever schools your district decides on, with a minimum of 350 students per building. Of course the community has to be willing to fund the other half. But maybe if the (whole) community was involved in the decisions from the start, we would have more buy-in.
Kathy Mock said at the Growth Foundation Candidate's Forum that we should make Davis a senior center. As it stands now, that isn't in the cards. The plan the current board approved calls for the demolition of each of the current elementary buildings and Frank Ohl. (After they make repairs to Davis so they can redistrict Austintown one last time during the construction phase.) - Now wasn't Davis in such poor shape that it wasn't feasible to make repairs in 2008? Too much money for a roof that was publicly portrayed as in imminent danger of collapse. That same roof is suddenly acknowledged to be in good enough shape to last several more years. Did wee little elves make repairs when nobody was watching? It has also been admitted that only a fraction of the money forecasted to be saved by closing Davis was actualized. Really? You mean those kids weren't just going to disappear when their school was closed? More kids wouldn't be riding buses because they could no longer walk to school? New staff wouldn't be put in place at the other buildings to accomodate the influx of kids? You mean those things cost money, too? Doggone it. Well, we need to implement open enrollment to save our schools. OK. We'll earn tons of money there. Sure. Those kids don't cost anything to educate. right?
Oh, yeah, one last thing.... if new buildings are going to make us "excellent", why is Youngstown one of the worst districts in the state? They've been putting up new buildings and consolidating for the past decade. What do they have to show for it?

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