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Swipes For School?

Thank you TB. I'm addicted to reading and writing, but there are worse habits.

Youngstown policy keeps getting stricter, but this is what I think the rule is: 1st time caught with a cell phone, confiscated and your mom can come up and get it back from the principal. (That one kid who had one? His mom wouldn't come get it back for him. The Tracfonce cost $20 and the card for minutes was $20. She said it was his fault for losing it.)
2nd time: Gone for the year.

So if this sub was seeing a lot of cell phones, I think the kids were testing him. (Some high school kids were taking the inside of the cell phone out when it got confiscated (SIM card?) but I think the teachers caught on to that.

I would think that kids could use their phones in Boardman classes to google the answers to tests.

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Swipes For School?

I don't know why Youngstown always has to come up on these comments. The story didn't even mention Youngstown Schools.

I go to Youngstown Schools. Most of the principals and teachers try to keep the supplies to the basics. If you cannot afford school supplies, don't get them.
I have never seen a teacher single out a kid for this, so how much meaner are teachers in Austintown than Youngstown if THEY do?

It probably a good idea to bring Clorox Wipes and wipe of the desk during the day. (Cleaning people do it at night, but several kids will sit in the desk during the day.) Our teacher hands one out once in a while to each kid, and some of them get pretty sooty looking just from one desk.

If someone forgot to say thanks for donations of school supplies, "thanks". They make a difference for kids whose parents can't get them.

I am in 7th grade. Maybe one kid would have a cell phone in elementary school and it was a Trac Phone. I don't see kids with phones in middle school either. So where did this guy see all the phones? Maybe high school kids have jobs and can buy the cards that add minutes. So what's so wrong with that?

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City employees free to leave, and they will over time

As someone actually IN the schools, it amazes me what some "grownups" will say, even when they are commenting on another topic.

Silence Do Good, maybe you should have stayed true to your name. The schools are "turning out Thugs and Idiots"? Ouch. I'm neither. And if some students are, who turned them out? I'd say their families turned them out for the schools to deal with.

If the schools create thugs and idiots, then the police must create crime and the fire department must create arson.

Someone wrote a letter to the editor today complaining about fights at Borts Pool. So I guess pools turn out fighters.

Anyway, talk about red herrings. Kids living in Y-town today have a lot of choices from suburban open enrollment schools (Struthers, Lowellville, Liberty, Austintown, McDonald, Mineral Ridge, Columbiana... there's one for every side of town) to private schools, all with vouchers (Mooney, Ursuline, Yo. Christian, Akiva) to charter schools, even some online that let you work from home, to going to school on the Y.S.U. campus at Youngstown Early College.

If I can think of these in 8th grade, wouldn't you think an adult could too?

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Schools seek transportation savings

This company has been providing transportation for special education students in Youngstown for years.
Someone needs to ask the parents and teachers of those students if the service has been satisfactory. I don't trust them.

I think that there is a personal relationship involved between the Board and Mr. Thomas. This is strange anyway. Last week there was a story that the teachers had asked the state commission and Board to reduce 4 jobs at the central office that were questionably valuable. Both the commission and the Board said they didn't need to do that. Now, here they are reducing busing to children.

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Hundreds use tax day to protest federal spending policies

At any rate the protestors and even some of the speakers were off topic much of the time. I'm not convinced they even knew what they were protesting.
I swear they just miss the campaign rallies of last year.

"AmericanWakeUp" says, "It isn't working," as if the new administration has had more than a bare three months in office. These are the same people who try to say that George Bush couldn't be held responsible for 9/11 after being in office only 8 months.

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Cemetery flag restrictions reaffirmed

I agree. The flags are becoming a distraction.

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Obama’s statement was a slap at U.S. Christians

And in summary Mr. Bogg, would you not agree with reading ALL of the text of President Obama's speech, in which he pretty much seems to agree with your last posts?

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School board takes issue with union’s proposal

In a related story, the Superintendent and administrators are going to visit the buildings for Town Hall Meetings. If they really want to know what is going on in the buildings, they should spend some real time there, or ask the people who are there everyday.

Look, if we were rolling in funding, then it would be nice to have positions like "ombudsman" and "manager of community partnerships" and extra hands in the treasurers office. But in a small city like ours, we need our regular administrators to handle the community relations.

Instead of having people to smooth over incidents that happen in overcrowded classrooms, let's avoid them altogether by having enough teachers to ensure managable class sizes. This is what parents care about: what happens in the classrooms of our children. Laying off another 30 teachers? It doesn't seem possible first of all, and secondly it leads to a yearly "domino effect" of teachers moving from building to building. How can we ever get a consistent level of instruction under the circumstances of the last 5 years?

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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

Well, again, because I am not the first one to say this: Ganging up 14 to 1 at a person's home in the middle of the night is different. Actually seeing the brutality involved on video is different. And the number of excuses made for these particular students is different. Thinking as you do, then

Why did one on one fistfights at Chaney deserve front page coverage last year? Why were Warren parents criticized for protesting the Warren schools zero tolerance for fighting? Why were Girard school kids criticized for fighting?

By the way, some of the Mooney kids have been in trouble before. You want to say the Canfield kid had an assault charge, well, he got it the way these students did now. Yet you want THEM excused, don't you?

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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

If these guys were leaving a dance, then Mooney students dress strangely at dances. As for not alcohol testing them -- that was a mistake on the part of the police. The police do seem hesitant to take on these kids' parents or something. I mean, investigating for almost a month before charging them?
It seems like they charge everybody else right away, and do most of the proof at the trial, or dismiss the charges later.
If these guys weren't drunk -- then they ARE out of hand entirely.

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