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Hagan’s turnabout miffs Kovach, Betras

If Rev Simon was white and he asked a party chairman to ensure a position was filled with a white person, the whole world be up in arms. But since its the reverse, nobody will say anything. Rev Simon is a racist and what he did was racism. Who cares what color a person is who fills the position, we should talk about their qualification. If you lived in the city, you know Janet Tarpley is useless and is only self serving. I'd rather have an unknown, then have Tarpley.

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Mahoning County sales tax fails by slim margin

Good Job Vindicator, you got what you wanted. Your hate for public employees continue.

Also stop saying public employees should pay 25% towards their healthcare. Nobody in the private sector pays that much, and if they do, they have little to no skill and or education. I've been in the private sector for many years and never payed more then 15%. All my attorney, accountant, and other private sector friends all pay 0%-15% towards their healthcare. You know what pays 25%? Walmart. Anbody asking for that must work at Walrmart.

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If voters repeal sales tax, look for county officials to punish us

Does the county provide any fire protection services?

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Failure to renew sales tax in Mahoning County would put government in jeopardy

Including myself, I dont know a single person in the private sector that pays 25% towards their healthcare. Where does that fake number come from? Every person i know in the private sector pays between 5% and 15% of their health care costs.

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Youngstown woman charged with trying to run over bondsmen

Shoot a person driving a car was a tazer? What happened was bad and it could have been worse. Leave the police work to trained police Officers.

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Arrest made in South Side shooting

Good Job YPD. Animals always scream police brutality when they are caught.

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Youngstown’s prosecutor is retained

I was wrong about Bozanich. I said he was making $120,000+ when he's actually making $140,000+ with his pension and his currently salary. Does anybody else notice how wrong this is? Its hard to replace Bozanich because he knows where all the secret accounts are. He knows how to fail the state audit each and every year. He knows how to make multiple budgets,lie, and produce a last second budget where its impossible to review it before voting on it.

I've never been to Cleveland Heights but i feel bad for them. They are getting a turd whose been molded under multiple corrupt administrators. But atleast its benefiting the city of Youngstown. Now Lets replace Bozanich so Youngstown can move in the right direction.

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Youngstown mayor plans to name a city prosecutor as early as Wednesday

McNally is gonna have a hard time replacing Bozanich because hes the only one that knows where all the hidden money is. Hes failed state audit after audit so its difficult for others to try to follow. Of course he would stay until the end of the year, he's making 130,000+ a year with his salary and pension.

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Campbell police arrest six on drug charges

boxerlover I didnt say anything about not enforcing the law. But it should be done legally. You cannot make up probable cause to stop a car and there is zero probably cause to arrest each person in the car for the marijuana thats less then a joint. If its found on someone, only that person should be arrested. Violating people rights is just as bad as enforcing the law. Why cant they be like other departments that enforce the law according to law?

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Campbell police arrest six on drug charges

Looks like Campbell PD is sketching the truth again. What kind of vision do you need to see into a car when its raining, and see "multiple air fresheners?" And how does that obstruct your view? And how do you arrest all the occupants in the car? This would be easily thrown out of court. They are just causing an inconvenience to innocent people who are in the car. That is not serving and protecting.

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