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Shedding more light on Wellington’s “stunt”

Double dipping by definition is collecting a taxpayer paycheck while campaigning for Sheriff. This is what Wellington is doing with Jerry Greene. Greene's picture is on YouTube in uniform with a county car (#68)campaigning for issue 2 (a worthy cause) but it shows the rules don't apply to him. Why should Wellington who pulls stunts to get more money from taxpayers/commissioners pay his crony $68 grand while he runs for Sheriff. While he cries broke putting other officers and citizens in danger. Gooden and Hughes need to speak up for the citizens of Mahoning County.

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Shedding more light on Wellington’s “stunt”

I hope that he is not campaigning on taxpayer time. I think Goodin not seeking a nomination that was promised to Greene who had the early start with inside information that Wellington was not running is commendable. The problem is the Union President has put the Deputies he represents under the pressure that is they don't support Greene the Blacklist is alive and well and they all know it.
I also missed all the accomplishments of Wellington, and this latest stunt on the Video Arraignments is so political to try to make the Commissioners shift more money to the Sheriff's office. Where will the money come from and what will we lose to shift those funds.
The three candidates need to show me something to get my vote. Greene has is young, Goodin is a small township cop with experience, and Hughes is another Youngstown cop. Let's hear from them and see what they think for the County as a whole.
Right now Greene is the least qualified of the three, he worked the in the court house and was hand picked by Wellington, that is not enough.
We need some law enforcement experience in there that can keep the criminals contained and by making YPD utilize more manpower taking away from crime fighting to drive prisoners when the two deputies can move them in front of camera is wasteful and shameful to the rest of the county. Plus now all that video equipment purchased by taxpayers is collecting dust.

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Wellington errs in moving to eliminate video arraignments

Well it seems the Vindy is seeing Wellington for what he is " a lame duck" Sheriff that does not care. So he throughs the blame on the FOP who puts money ahead of the safety of fellow police officers in other departments. Remember the FOP President made the announcement for Wellington. Shame on you TJ Assion. This is ethically a mess, but then Wellington has shown he lost his ethics when he fired Dave Aey and gave his buddy Greene a $68,000 job at taxpayers expense to do the same thing, Campaign for the office of Sheriff of Mahoning County.

Wellington, should not put any residents of Mahoning County in danger for political gain. If one of the inmates escapes, i guarantee that they will get out of the city as fast as they can. Hey stopping in Boardman to steal new clothes and break in a home for fast cash. Thanks Sheriff for looking out for us.

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Shedding more light on Wellington’s “stunt”

Wellington has finally done something positive for Mahoning County STEPPING DOWN. Why did we forget that he had the highest homicide rate in the history of Youngstown/Mahoning County while he was YPD Police Chief. He retired from his YPD Captains position while he was Chief so he could collect his pension and a chief's pay check for several years, but we forgot that. He ran for Sheriff and we did not elect him, the dem committee people put him in instead of having another election after the then Sheriff was indicted.
He sent out and sold Bar B Q tickets every summer since the last election and collected money for a campaign that now he says he will not seek. So did he raise this money for someone else to run?. Imagine that, he gives a friend a $68,000 dollar job to run for Sheriff. So taxpayers have to supplement another up and coming politician. Wellington has done a lot we seemed to have forgotten, maybe Dave Aey was not all that far off with his analogy of Wellington. And now he allows a current employee (JG) to recruit county employees for the campaign. I have several Deputy friends complain that they have been pressured to put signs in their yards or risk harassment at work Deputies are feeling the pressure while their "UNION" FOP 141 President TJA has been hanging with the Candidate. Brian Gooden GOOD LUCK -
I HOPE THE VOTERS WAKE UP AND BRING A REAL COP TO THE SHERIFF'S OFFICE. And cuts the shenanigans we have gotten use to with Wellington

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