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Chief beefs up patrols; $10,000 reward offered

I have no problem with trying to find solutions to our problems. I have just grown tired of people saying there is nothing we can do. Nothing will ever improve if the prevailing thought is that we have lost. These thugs are not smarter or tougher than we are, we just need conviction from everybody! If we are committed to improving things there is no way it won't happen. Will it be easy? Of course not. But to all those who just want to sit around and tell everybody else there is nothing we can do, shut up! To all those who just want to sit around and say what a bad place we live in, shut up! To all those who have no faith in the determination of those who are really trying, shut up! We all have 3 choices, Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way! Demanding of our officials that they stop this is the first step. Finding out which ones are on board is the second, and replacing those that are not with capable people with a strong will and determination is the third step. There are far too many people on the right side of this issue for it not to improve if we all stick together. I am not here defending anyone, I am a republican, I believe in personal responsibility, and we are all responsible for making this pathetic attitude of apathy or even worse this constant need to beat down our area and each other disappear forever. I challenge everybody to make your voices heard, we will not let this stand! We will not give up! We will not give in!

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Chief beefs up patrols; $10,000 reward offered

Sorry foxtrot, didn't mean to offend you with my typo, "There are plenty of people that can see what we can become". I still pose the question to you, what is your point? As to your "education comment" I did not attend Youngstown City Schools, I attended one of the top schools in the area then went on to get my BS in Business in 3 years. Someone with your alleged education and attention to detail surely should not have forgotten that I asked a question. Do you live in this area? Why? I actually do own a business in this area and what we need is more people to care and less people like you who have thrown up their hands and said there is nothing we can do to improve our situation. We do not need quitters like you, we need people who have the guts to fight for something. This country was founded on tough people who worked hard and never gave up even when the going got tough, a lesson you apparently never learned. What are you doing to try to improve things, or do you just complain?

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Chief beefs up patrols; $10,000 reward offered

Foxtrot, do you have a point? A site that people are complaining on, what does that mean? There are plenty of people that can see that what we can become. We can fix these problems. People who are not up for helping then just get out of the way.

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Chief beefs up patrols; $10,000 reward offered

Then we need to get some people who DO HAVE THE WILL! Do we all really believe that Youngstown is so unique that other places have been able to fix their problems but we can't? Look at what Pittsburgh and Cleveland have done. Certainly they still have their share of problems, any grouping of people will, but where is our progress, where is the outrage? Who lives here and votes we just let everything just go to sh**?

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Chief beefs up patrols; $10,000 reward offered

How about we stop saying the answer is to just give the church and the area to the criminals and do something! Are we that weak?

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Chief beefs up patrols; $10,000 reward offered

Where is the outrage by our officials? This type of behavior cannot be allowed! We will never recapture what city of Youngstown was as long as people are afraid. Whatever it takes, this must be stopped! Spend all the money you want trying to make the city "better" but until we get a handle on this nothing will change. We are not idiots! We understand that you cannot prevent every crime but you sure can try! We can start by saying WE WILL AND WE CAN! I'm pretty sure Giuliani didn't set out to clean up NY by saying these murders don't reflect upon the city.

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Abortion clinic in Valley closes

For all of you who say you don't believe in God, please answer me just one question. Where did we come from?

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