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To vote or not to vote for Issue 3 — it can be confusing

Yes on 3! Bring on the jobs, the tax revenue and a reason for people to visit our downtown areas. Keep the money that's already being gambled by Ohioans in other states' casinos here in Ohio to benefit us. YES, YES, YES in November!

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It’s a bad, bad plan

How about a little context Tim? I read that quote too - Gilbert was talking about how if they could go back, maybe they'd consider adding a casino in Youngstown in addition to casinos in the four largest cities.

Ultimately, an amendment of the Constitution makes it clear once and for all that casino gambling is legal in Ohio. That's why it was proposed this way. As voters, we can agree with casino gambling and the details this plan has put forth or not agree. If approved, any change we might want to make in the future would go through a similar process and would ultimately be our call by way of a vote.

I like this plan. I'm so sick of watching money leave this state for casinos in other states. Let's keep the money here in Ohio to benefit Ohioans. Yes on 3!

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Issue 3 prompts second thoughts

Okay, Mayor Williams - Go and "do it right" then. 1, 2, 3, go! The problem is that you and your pals in local and state government will not do a darn thing. If we left this up to you, Ohio would never get casinos.

Even without a casino, Youngstown stands to benefit if we pass this Issue. It will get a share of the tax revenues generated by the casinos, which will go to funding local government and schools. Compare that to, well, nothing. A yes vote gets you progress. A no vote gets you the status quo, which clearly isn't working. Yes on 3!

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Vote ‘yes’ on Issue 3 to end the hypocrisy

Jerry - The reason this proposal is written in the form of an amendment, as the story alludes to, is that this is seen as an expansion of gambling. It's not clear in our Constitution if casino gambling is legal. No smart business venture would put up billions of their own private money to build casinos if it's illegal.

David Betras - What have you done lately that has generated $650 million for local government and schools? What have you done to create tens of thousands of jobs for Ohio? Our state government - including yourself - has repeatedly let us down. When it comes to generating and managing money for the state, you've proven yourself to be incompetent. Now it's up to the voters to decide if private enterprise can do better. I think it can, that's why I'm voting YES ON 3!

Money where there is little. Jobs where there are few. Reasons to visit our downtowns. We'd be foolish to pass this opportunity up Ohio! Vote YES TO CASINOS!

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Why oppose state Issue 3? Voinovich counts the ways

A "threat to the family?!" The only threat to the family is your antiquated beliefs. Over a billion dollars is currently leaving the state and being spent on gambling. We need that money here. And while you look down at us from your McMansion, there are plenty of folks that need jobs badly.

The licensing fee argument is just silly, in my opinion. I'd much rather the casino groups spend their money on building beautiful, state-of-the-art facilities that are woven into the core of our biggest cities, than a licensing fee that will likely be misused by our incompetent government, as it goes straight into the state's general fund.

And one would think a Senator would understand that the tax rate in Pennsylvania only applies to slots, which the state pays for and requires far less to run than full-service casino games. The proposed rate for table games in PA is 12-21% - Do the math. The 33% tax rate proposed here is the fourth highest in the country. I'm voting yes come November.

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Betras: Casino support lessens

Waaaah! So because Mahoning Valley is left out of this proposal, you're going to begrudge the rest of the state hundreds of millions in tax revenues? Job opportunities? Funds for ALL of our counties, local governments and schools? EVERY COUNTY GETS A SHARE of the tax revenues from the casinos. We need that money! And now!

If later you or someone else wants to build a casino in Mahoning Valley, nothing's stopping you from drafting your own proposal and putting it to a vote of the people. This plan just happens to address our largest cities. Don't be selfish. We need this. I'm VOTING YES in November for the good of ALL OF OHIO.

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’Round and ’round it goes (sort of like a roulette wheel)

Alexinytown - Why don't you form the gaming commission then? Lots of folks seem to want more, want better, want something different, but no one is actually willing to put their money where their mouth is and actually put up their private money to make it happen.

This is a good plan for Ohio. If other cities want to build casinos, the passage of this proposal will open the door for them. No one's saying other cities can't have casinos, this issue just happens to address casinos in our four largest cities.

The fact is A LOT OF MONEY is leaving Ohio every year to benefit other states with casinos. I want that money to stay here to benefit Ohioans. Whether it's a billion, half a million or more than a billion, we need that money here. We need the jobs here. We need a little light in our downtown areas that might actually attract people. We've waited too long. Now's the time. Wake up Ohio! Yes on Issue 3!

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