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Father files lawsuit against Mahoning County Children Services Board

Calling you a mouthy wife was a bit harsh and my apologies. But it's wrong that you accused me of sticking up for Shain. That was further from the truth and that really bothers me. I already feel like I failed Teddy because I had been in contact with Shain trying my best to reestlablish the friendship between her and my wife. I always think that if I had been successful the results would have been different. I have that weighing on me. My comments were out of line.

March 5, 2014 at 12:21 a.m. suggest removal

Invitation to Teddy's Father, Shawn

My wife and Teddy's mother were best friends until Shain turned my back on her family and friends. Wife was Teddy's Godmother. I have been with her since Teddy was a baby. My wife and Shain were together all the time. How many times did I meet Teddy's father? ZERO. Just stating the fact I never met this person until after Teddy's death and then it was not all that pleasant.

March 4, 2014 at 5:12 a.m. suggest removal

Father files lawsuit against Mahoning County Children Services Board

Unite_in_humanity, So who are you anyways? Do you know me at all? Do I know you? Where was I during those years? Right there trying to get Shain away from that monster. I tried many times to get Shain back into at least talking status with my wife and I failed. It bothers me every day. I feel if I had done something different Teddy would be here today. We adored Teddy and his brothers. Before she walked away from everyone to be with him my wife and here were together all the time with those wonderful children. Maybe I worded it wrong by saying "her therapy" but my wife wanted to do something to make a slight difference and has put her heart and soul in Hugs for Teddy (you were not there to see the pain my wife was in. Shain could have cared less and my wife was devastated). Her thanks was a threatened cease and desist letter and accusations that she was pocketing the funds (the spineless coward makes false accusations instead of asking for a look at the records).
Of course the laws have to change.
You are looking at the statement all wrong where my wife says children need to learn that they can speak up.
I will do whatever it takes to help a child. You do not know me. I have seen more than you will ever know during my career. I am not trying to do the blame game but on the other hand why sue an organization and take money that should be used for better training, background checks of employee ect. I support the need for changes to help the children and will support this lawsuit if and only if the lawsuit states that all monetary awards will be used towards Teddy's Law and other children's charities. Shawn should not profit at all from this.

March 4, 2014 at 4:40 a.m. suggest removal

Father files lawsuit against Mahoning County Children Services Board

Ok Breeze you may want to read those reports again and read them very well. I was one of the first to go in to Struthers Police department and give a statement. Did you read it?? Of course not. I told someone that there was no reasons for those comments at the time. Wow really defending her. Oh wait what about this one "Shain, you need to get home and deal with this. The lies need to stop. Your baby boy dies and you were not even there for him." There are many more and not one single post defends her. Get your facts straight before you open that mouth of yours. I am glad my comments are going to the attorney. I have nothing to hide. He can file it with that cease and desist paper Shawn told my wife and I he was getting drawn up. I can post the messages that were sent if you would like. If Shawn is not trying to get any money from this lawsuit then he can state that all money from this lawsuit will go to children's charities. I would support him 100 percent if he does that.
I applaud some of the things Shawn is doing Teddy's law is definitely needed. Trying to get a few millions from children's services is wrong. That money should go towards better training of the staff and to the children not lining the pockets of one man his mouthy wife and their attorney.

March 4, 2014 at 4:03 a.m. suggest removal

Father files lawsuit against Mahoning County Children Services Board

Ok. I have remained quiet long enough. Mr Tedesco is no man of the year. To think about trying to become rich over the death of Teddy makes me sick. My wife was Teddy's godmother. In the 12+ years I have been married to my wife I met Shawn a total of 0 times. Before Shain met that monster Bush my wife and her were together all the time. Mr Tedesco made very few if any attempts to see Teddy. My wife adored that boy and so did I. After Teddy's death my wife was devastated. She even had to be off work for a period of time. Her therapy was to start a fund group and she put on a dinner and other events in Teddy's memory. Friends of Shawn accused her of pocketing the money raised and he decided to threaten her with a cease and desist. He told my wife and myself that a lawyer was drawing up the cease and desist orders. Really? Well it was a bluff because no order ever arrived. This low life is trying to take advantage of a horrible situation and wants something he does not deserve. Oh and about that child support paper he posted in Facebook. Take a good look at it. It says no payments posted in past 23 months. Mr. Tedesco if you are all you say you are I want to see a legal document stating that if you by very slight chance win this lawsuit that you are going to put 100% of it into children's charities. Not one single cent into your pocket.

February 25, 2014 at 7:10 a.m. suggest removal


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