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4 bedroom, 4 bath


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5 bedroom, 4 bath

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UPDATE: Traficant will not file in the 6th

Anyone else remember the last 30 years? The Valley's greatest period of decline, beginning around 1980-82 when steel finally left town (Jimbo indicted the first time in 1983) until roughly the late 1990s ....when did Jimbo's charges finally stick? Hmmmnnnn...... If Jimbo is so great, how come everything went to hell on his watch?

This blog has been fun to keep tabs on - lots of crazy passion! Though, I might suggest we all stop wasting energy on USA1. He is a zealot - likely a future Teabagger suicide bomber.

May 6, 2010 at 4:34 p.m. suggest removal

UPDATE: Traficant will not file in the 6th

USA1 - Put that cup down!! It's Kool-Aid!!

Again, please read what I wrote. I made no mention of supporting Obama, or Democrats.

Let's try sentence fragments, as grunts are difficult to type clearly.

Trafficant, bad. Someone else, good.

He stole from you, you and me, and everyone else in our home. He will likely do it again. Practice your right to vote, get Tim out. Get Obama out. Get Nancy out. But sweet Jesus, don't get Jim back in!

And, as far as you or "Web" are concerned, 16th Amendment chief.

May 3, 2010 at 7:39 p.m. suggest removal

UPDATE: Traficant will not file in the 6th

USA1 - if you hurry, you can catch the point. Did you read and think about my post, or did you just see NAFTA and knee-jerk respond with some Jimbo rhetoric?

NAFTA does suck, particularly for folks at Lordstown. That plant is a $.50 raise away from receiving the "SHAFTA". Jimbo gets elected preaching from the "workin' man's" pulpit. His campaign strategy will rely on rabble rousing against the current Democratic powers that be, "standing up to" those corporate bums and no good DC tax collectors trying to screw us out of our earnings, and rallying the labor troops. It is likely, that once Jimbo has the troops rallied, GM will take advantage of NAFTA and leave town. Youngstown would be crushed. I don't care to see that happen.

"Teabagger" "Timmy Pelosi" "Obamacare" ...whatever. Fine. But Trafficant is NOT the answer. He is gasoline on a brush fire.

Can't stand the current state of affairs? Want to elect someone else? Godspeed. That's the foundation of our government - Vote the Bum Out! But, don't vote a bigger bum in.

May 3, 2010 at 7:09 p.m. suggest removal

UPDATE: Traficant will not file in the 6th

"Shout Youngstown" shout! ...all you want, because now, out here in reality, everyone has officially stopped listening. I kinda hope ol' Jimbo gets elected, sometimes one has to hit rock bottom before one can begin to heal. Maybe this time he'll use federal funds for jobs instead of home improvements. Who knows?

Maybe he'll get steal back! Oh boy! Steal, yeah, yeah steal! Go Jimbo Go! Then, once he really gets going, maybe he'll get GM and Delphi and...and... well I'm sure there are other big employers around by now...to give everyone a HUGE raise and benefits to show those dirty Dems we don't need their Obamacare! Yeah! Then GM can get all NAFTA and build their cars in Mexico for 1/3 the cost! Then we can finally shut down that bum Henry Nemenz! Jimbo will show him! Take care of your employees will ya? Pay them a fair wage and benefits, eh? No union huh? Jimbo's gonna get you, buddy!

I really hope he does get elected. All you supporters deserve it.

May 3, 2010 at 5:19 p.m. suggest removal

‘It is what it is’ isn’t an answer (at least not a good one)

Who said anything about libraries? Wrong letter. I have no opinion about Youngstown's libraries, other than each time I have entered one, I was ALWAYS able to find the help and resources I needed. I fondly remember trips to the West Side library for all sorts of things.

August 18, 2009 at 7:21 p.m. suggest removal

‘It is what it is’ isn’t an answer (at least not a good one)

Thank you for the feedback, all - and I do mean all.

OldFasionedMama - I do not care to "bash" Youngstown, nor is it so that I do not "support" the Vindicator. I am a son of Youngstown, I love my home town. My letter is written out of hurt, not hate. I believe that Y-town has the ability to revitalize and be a great place - again. However, the 'old guard', if you will, and the mentality of it, is preventing progressive young thinking from moving Youngstown forward. The area continues to thrive on sprawl rather than reinvestment. I applaud the works of those like Phil Kidd, Paul Hagman, and Chad Chromer, who see the possibilities of Youngstown, but are routinely thwarted by the, as I call them, "good ol' boys club" who use the same shenanigans as Trafficant - looking to make their own buck at the expense and ruse towards the public. All the while, the business, building, investment, and employment spreads further and further from the city leaving decay in its wake. Last I was home, I thought Canfield was more like the beginnings of the Boardman plaza. All those great buildings, Youngstown landmarks, location to freeways and the park, squandered; when they could be very valuable assets.

Youngstown is poised to be a commercial (not industrial) real estate powerhouse. Throw in a TON of retail, coupled with the low cost of living - could be great! All those jobs from entry level commercial offices, retail for the college kids and young adults, plenty of open (and cheap) space downtown and uptown (rather than sprawling into North Jackson next)...the possibilities!

But instead, we celebrate Jim Traficant, picket Sparkle markets, throw up the union war flag whenever anyone offers us a job, and then complain about 'outsiders' and what they don't get. Youngstown needs to move on, and each day that it doesn't breaks my heart.

August 17, 2009 at 10:46 p.m. suggest removal


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