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16 Mahoning Co. businesses sued over Pavlik fight

@ Woody
Pavlik's bar was not open in February 2008. You may be thinking of a different fight.

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4,000 pay homage to ‘a blessed life’ at Covelli Centre

Very nice tribute. Does anyone know if this is the same bishop that didn't pay his half a million dollar home's property taxes for a few years? I think that same priest bought the Idora Park property & didn't pay the taxes on that for years also. Can anyone verify?

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Youngstown schools have troubles that few have seen

Congrats Rachel on your endorsement! We do need some fresh ideas & it seems like you might have the right ones! Good luck!

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Congrats on your recent endorsement by the Vindy.

It's hard not to notice how many more ideas & information you are giving the voters on how we can begin to fix the YTown school system along for your opinion on certain issues than the other canidates. It seems like you are taking this much more seriously!

I also noticed that your vindy canidate page is getting the only reader comments (besides the funny comment on Dominic's about how he has nothing to say lol).

Good luck! We do need some fresh ideas!

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Canfield’s ‘filthy’ house

To Reader-

There is no way Lifesnadir knew this family - if they did there would be no sympathy. This story is no surprise (except maybe the extent of the problem) to people that knew them.

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Canfield’s ‘filthy’ house

"This situation is BIZARRE. Why would the grandmother of the children let her house get trashed and her grandchildren be neglected?"

..Trust me, if you met the grandmother, this story is not unbelievable.... I've met this family & I am not surprised

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Browns’ misery ends

PenguinBird also responds to EVERY Traficant article with the same comment 'Traficant = LOSER". It's getting annoying. PenguinBird is more annoying then Traficant and the Browns at this point and that's saying something!

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Pishkur would be paid $9,000 weekly as a Forum Health consultant

I'll do the job for $8,000/wk......

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Cut-down day was tough

Congrats. How was your first eperience in a game in the NFL?I

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Firefighters attack blaze, heavy smoke at Banner Supply

PenguinBird = LOSER

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