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Tressel makes first comment after accepting YSU job

Akron's loss is Youngstown's gain. Akron hires yet another ivory tower snob. Youngstown gets the out front people person who loves to help students succeed. Congratulations Youngstown. Sorry for my alma mater Akron.

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Watch Jim Tressel to speak at UA forum

Mr. Tressel is by far the most qualified candidate for President of The University of Akron. In the two years he has served as Vice President, he has been out on the campus meeting students, assessing the strengths and needs of the University, and doing everything in his power to make the University a better place. Three of my children currently attend Akron. Each of them has met Mr. Tressel and spoken to him because he is out and about keeping informed on what is happening. The current president, Proenza, hides in his ivory tower like most academics. My kids couldn't pick Proenza out of a lineup.

Most importantly, Jim Tressel truly cares about the students. We had a problem earlier in the year with a missed financial aid deadline. My kids ran into brick wall after brick wall until they contacted Mr. Tressel. He went far above and beyond the call of duty and he solved the problem.

Jim Tressel made a mistake at Ohio State and he has paid for it. He is moving forward and making the best of the situation. That is a great example for college students to see and follow. I think Akron will hire him but if we don't take advantage of the opportunity Youngstown would be well served with a great man like Jim Tressel as President.

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