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Joe306tow (anonymous) says...

400,000 Jobs LOST! Looks like that Stimulus money only lined the pockets of political crooks and cronies.

It sure did not bring any Jobs to Ohio.

Want proof 25,000 people applied for the 2,000 positions @ Cedar Point. Normally these positions are filled by College and High School students.

Now many adults apply desperate to get any job to save their homes from foreclosure, due to unemployment only being less than half of their Normal wages are.

Enough Playing around Mr. President and Congress! We need Real JOBS NOW!

It will take having major works projects like FDR had to get America working again.

Their is enough crumbling infrastructure in Ohio to repaired or replaced to employ every unemployed Ohioan.

Bridges, Roads, Trails, Shores, Beach & water way clean ups, metro area security and visitor services.

Why can't we have people sweeping up the trash in downtowns all over the State?

Now only a few select city's have city workers or court sentenced cleanup crews.

Obama, Strickland stop being penny pinchers and hire unemployed Ohioans to do the work.

So, the court supervised crews will have to do something else. WE NEED JOBS, not excuses!

August 19, 2010 at 1:57 a.m. reply suggest removal



Newburgh Heights