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Mime team adds dimension to worship at St. James

There is an oppurtunity to watch the Mimes tonight at St. James. An East Side coalition of churches known as the Ambassadors For Christ have been celebrating during the Easter season for twelve years now. As a member of St. Stephens(Holy Apostles) on Wilson Ave. and a staunch participant and supporter of the services think the group is phenomenal.

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Polish Mass

OMG!!!!! The parishioners if St. Stan's should be ashamed of themselves, everyone of them. Ashamed because 70 people came to the last Polish Mass in town.
I have a history with St. Stan's. I left there in 1974 to be at my wife's church. Since she is no longer living, I have no ties there except for my attendence there. That church is on the endangered species list now. Should it close, I will go back to St. Stan's. Hopefully, there will be a priest there and it remains a viable parish.

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