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Double time: Moschella will be busy coach two teams

I sat in this man's classroom, I watched him coach both practices and games, I have spoke with him outside of school and off the court, and I have all the respect in the world for Ron Moschella.

Striving to instill values such as hard work, dedication, respect, and discipline when working with youth is commendable. I know that I am a better man for the time I spent under Ron's tutelage, and I know I am far from alone in my sentiment.

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A little thought will go a long way toward improving the lot of animals

Well stated.

Small changes such as supporting local farmers who utilize humane, sustainable practices instead of supporting mass-production feed lots; adopting a pet from a shelter instead of buying from a for-profit breeder; and if you can spare the time, volunteering at an animal rescue/shelter are all acts that make a difference in the quality of the lives of animals, whether they be feedstock or domestic companions.

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Austintown Township workers get $160 bonus for perfect attendance?

Here Todd, let me help you will a little something known as being objective, a day's lesson in journalism school your apparent absence you continue to display...

Seeing as you felt it necessary to only include selections from the anti-public employee story in your article I will copy and paste for you the summation of the article which finds that public employee compensation does not, in fact, exceed that of private employee compensation:

"While it’s not possible to make exact comparisons, it appears in general that there is little difference in the overall compensation of public and private employees, according to recent federal statistics.

When total compensation is considered — salary, leave pay (sick, holiday, vacation, personal), insurance and disability, retirement and savings and legally required benefits — public employees’ compensation costs employers $40.40 an hour, compared with $40.68 at private companies with at least 500 employees (the comparable category for the state work force). Those statistics for June were reported in September by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor."

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A bit of clarity in the Kelly chaos

If your motive was truly to just thank your staff for their work then why not do so and leave it at that? Better yet, why not thank them in private and move on instead of taking the low road and twisting the knife even further?

By injecting your personal opinions and commentary you made yourself look less like a professional journalist and more like a jilted ex-girlfriend.

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Pavlik looks as good as ever in prep for May 7

Kelly! Kelly! Kelly!

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Lawmakers from Valley criticize proposal

I hope those supporting Kasich are financially stable enough to be able to shoulder the burden of the additional taxes and levies that are going to need to be implemented at the local level to make up for the cuts in his budget.

Kasich didn't actually cut overall spending and certainly didn't solve anything with his new budget, all he did was shift the burden of the deficit from the state level to the local level, creating a whole new myriad of issues which will bear significant financial implications.

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Potts-Schiavoni April wedding to be in Florida

What a pathetic and classless display by the posters on this thread. This is a wedding announcement, not a political commentary.

Senator Schiavoni is a life-long Valley resident and has dedicated his professional career to helping the area and its residents - much more, I am sure, than can be said for those choosing to air their grievances here in such an inappropriate setting.

Congratulations to the Senator and his Fiancé.

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Schiavoni's Franko response

Franko uses his position as Editor of the Vindy to push out his political opinion - fine, that is the sub-standard state of today's print media. However, Franko fails miserably at maintaining even the barest minimum of journalistic integrity in his "Collective Thoughts" article - if it can even be labeled as such.

Misrepresentation of facts and drawing non-existent connections is a far cry from what one would expect from someone in a position such as Franko's. Last I checked The Youngstown Vindicator was a news publication, not a propaganda piece.

Same as the commenter above I too applaud Senator Schiavoni for taking the time to respond to such a hack piece of "journalism" and clarify his position on the matter at hand.

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Pavlik: ‘My partying days are over’

It is sad/pathetic/disgusting to see people badmouth Kelly, who a few short years ago was a god in the city of Youngstown.

Personally, I wish nothing but the best for The Ghost and can't wait to see him back in the ring if that is what he ultimately decides he wants to do, and it sounds like that decision has already been made.

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Senator defends felon’s help with campaign effort

Actually, Stan, I'm not a dancing monkey here to entertain you by responding on a regular basis to the drivel you continue to spew. I did not make a Saturday out of sitting in front of my computer, apparently unlike you.

Great job attempting to turn an absolutely meaningless situation into breaking news, I see you even attracted a few fellow double digit IQ club members to cheer you on. Good for you buddy!

When you post something of value rather than cutting and pasting every twenty year old news clip you can find on a man who was nothing more than a campaign volunteer then perhaps I will invest the time in responding further. Until then, good day.

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