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Police defend K-9 in attack on 8-year-old

This police officer should have to surrender his dog, be put in jail with a $50,000 bond, get out on house arrest, and be sentenced as a felon. My family had a dog that was inside a locked fenced in our backyard and a little boy hopped my fence and my dog ( not knowing the difference between a burglar and a child) attacked the boy. We had to give them my dog and he was put to sleep ( which my kids still grieve over this and it was 2 years ago) and then my husband was sentenced as a felon and 200 hours of community service. My husband didn't have a prior record and it is now hard for him to find work with this label. At most my husband should have received a misdemeanor but my dog was only doing what it was trained to do. Just as the police say there dog was doing only a police dog should not chase after anyone unless commanded to. The only reason I think no one wants to do more about this is because their police but guess what thy are people too and now this little boy was attacked by an "officer of the law" and that makes it ok? I think not. This little boys family deserves some justice for what happened to their son and I think the above stated is only fair. Please help pass this word along!!!

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