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Valley should stand up in support of Rep. Ryan

Committee membership as I understand it is driven by majority as well as by tenure -- neither of which can be claimed by Ryan in this case. Ryan is certainly not the only one who will lose a committee seat during the transition. In short, I'm really not quite sure of the point of this column. Committee turnover isn't a slight against a given congressional district; it is the way things work. As far as people "standing up" for Tim Ryan it would seem that they already electing him in the first place.

I'm left to conclude that this column was an effort to fire up the wackos who posted above and nothing more -- in that case, well done. It is a good thing I visit this site for entertainment rather than information.

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Canfield man asks for early release from prison


*“soup box” – soap (extra points as this was the second sentence of a post that literally began with calling someone out regarding literacy -- well done, honestly)

*“doesn't have as low of clearance” – grammatically incorrect

*“It was never proved” – proven

*“But there is medical records that he is” – should be “there ARE medical records INDICATING that he…”

*“HIPPA” – HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

*“As is Mr. Culps” – missing an apostrophe to show possession

*“It did not take Mr. Burke a week to turn himself in. He turned himself in the next day. The car was not cleaned.” – poor sentence structure, consider combining and using commas and/or semicolons

*“black and white” – black-and-white

*“final outcomes” – doesn’t need to be plural

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Tea-party backers’ views are far from the norm, polls find

"The tea party helped to elect an American of Cuban decent in Florida to the US Senate, and also an American of African decent to congress from the same state."

But the large number of Cubans and blacks living there had nothing to do with it, right? Your moronic statement sums up the whole group of people with whom you associate.

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GM shares jump on Wall Street return

Thomas, I looked at some of your comments. You seem like a pretty optimistic, tolerant person. Good luck.

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AP Source: Moss sent to Vikes for draft picks

I'd have to assume you mean "(f)or" draft picks.

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Girard goes high-tech with new junior/senior high school

Check the OFSC for answers to some of your questions. The state system could well be broken but the school district is to be commended for getting the funding -- if Columbus is handing out money and yours is a competitive district with a dilapidated existing building, why not?

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Girard goes high-tech with new junior/senior high school

According to the OFSC website the project was funded in 2000 -- money wasn't quite so tight then. Nonetheless, this was a wise investment in a city where such things are few and far between.

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Ohio teacher in harassment case claims hypnosis

I had no idea that Lionel Hutz had passed the Ohio Bar Exam...

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Putting faith in Jesus will give you strength to overcome evil

"Let's not start a holy war here, Harris."

/Jake Taylor'd

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