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Lowellville tax official suffers serious eye injury during fight

KELLYT...honey...I have already left, a long time ago and I have made something of myself. I was underage and I had parents who cared enough to get me out of that alcohol stuff - and change my friends and that lifestyle. It is a shame that these so called adults, especially ones that hold office or any type of authority figures in a community, are carrying on like this. This write up in the vindicator looks like an excerpt from a high schooler's diary. You can say all they want to defend those people's actions, they were all in the wrong - they are choosing a path of destruction with their drinking, drugs, carousing around in wee hours of the morning...It is so sad! And as far as any hatred goes...I have sympathy for their lifestyles because it is obvious that God is not in their lives! And I do know what is going on in that community - and believe it or not...EVERYONE knows what goes on in that town!

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Lowellville tax official suffers serious eye injury during fight

How pathetic are these people? Don't they have anything better to do than go around getting drunk and fighting like their in high school? They should be at home taking care of their own kids instead of acting like them! Maybe that's why their kids are as screwed up as they are. Good ol' Lowellville for ya though...I suggest taking your children else where to school if you have open enrollment so they don't end up like this when their in the 40's! If you take a good look around you'll see that the majority of people are drunks anyway...not too many people make it out of Lowellville to actually do something with their you can obviously see by this article.

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Nuisance order locks up Cell

I agree with those who say that all the bars in Ytown should be punished for underage drinking. But however I agree that the Cell should be closed down. The Cell has gone to craps since the new owners. The Cell knows they did wrong by supplying all these underage drinkers with alcohol. I know from personal experience. I can't tell you how many times when I was around 20 years old that the owner would throw back quite a few shots with me. He knew I was underage as a matter of fact, he told me to let him know when I was of age so I can bartend there. Needless to say I never did...and obviously glad I didn't.

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