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Only Congress can fix this mess

I laughed when I read this headline. If there's one thing you can count on it is government to screw things up. They can't even run the stupid post office without losing billions of dollars every year.

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Obama, golf, Fox and Jib Jab — where else should he eat?

To be fair, Youngstown does have a reputation for delapidated buildings... I don't know how that relates to any bias... because let's face it, it's a pretty accurate depiction.

Wedgewood is second to none, it's definitely my favorite.

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Tea party candidate Rand Paul wins In Ky., Specter leading in Pa.

Whoever thinks Rand Paul is some ultra conservative has no idea what they were talking about. I'm making a lot of assumptions based on his father but he is generally not accepted by mainstream Republicans in the least bit. Yes he's conservative, but more importantly he is libertarian.... that makes a huge difference.

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Arizona’s law backers should pause

So people are criticizing lawmakers for making illegal immigration illegal. I personally don't believe this is going to change a thing until we actually close off the border. You catch them, send them back to mexico, then they come back.... catching them doesn't work unless they can't come back without going through the process first.

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GM rides cost cuts to $865M profit

Eric Selle has to be out of his mind if he thinks GM could have a market cap around 70 billion. They produce an $865 million dollar profit, that probably hasn't been audited, and then suddenly a company that has gone from 24 percent market share to 17 and is predicted to go down to 15 has a future? No thanks, I'll buy Ford, before I would ever pay that kinda money for GM.

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OBAMA VISIT: Local company has portable restroom facilities for the president

This just in, the president has used the facilities... no word yet if it was for number one or number two.

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If you were LeBron James, would you leave the Cleveland Cavaliers?

If I were him I would do anything to get the heck out of Ohio even if it meant selling popcorn at Laker's games.

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IMF’s return not a good thing

I'm not fan of the IMF either but the formula this guy lays out is the same formula that got Europe into this mess. The Euro hasn't done poorly for the last year for no reason. Cutting the public sector, cutting public subsidies and welcoming outside firm still remains the best known way to develop and grow an economy.

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Not a fan of life in the city

Some of the scariest moments of my life have been in youngstown... that one gas station near st e's on belmont, wow... i will be making sure I don't stop there again.

I've been hearing people talk about silverlining stuff for years and things have only gotten worse.

We need a politician who tells it how it is... you can't move forward until you admit you have a problem.

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Palin rallies tea party with anti-tax message

I agree, I support reducing spending because we are on the verge of bankruptcy but Palin needs to shut up because she is just there for the limelight.

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