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Will high-speed trains zip by Mahoning Valley?

In a document posted February 19th on the website of the Ohio Rail Development Commission to state legislature:

"Concurrently, ORDC is working toward conventional speed service (up to a maximum of 79
mph) in the 3-C Corridor as a first step toward a larger system.

We are working with Amtrak to determine the requirements for start-up service between Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati. The results of Amtrak’s work are expected late this summer, and ODOT has committed to funding the first phase of the service in this biennium."

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Shared workspace at YBI

Did you hear the story about YBI on NPR this morning?

Link to audio can be found at:

(post includes reasons why YBI is different than other incubators nationwide)

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Palin should step aside

If you were the moderator in the vice-presidential debate Thursday evening, what question would you ask?

here is one:

"The Secretary of the Treasury in the next presidential administration will undoubtedly be a position of important significance as the country attempts to steer through the current financial crisis.

Could you name two or three individuals who would personally be on your short list to become the Secretary of the Treasury, and why specifically have you chosen those individuals?"

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Palin should step aside

Who are you, a conservative on the extreme right, to so flagrantly misuse grammar and logic consistently in all of your writings?


Why must the whole political discourse be so tied to the "cult of personality" which surrounds each individual?

whoever wins this election will appoint 15,000 jobs in the executive branch which will totally dictate the direction of this country the next 4 years, regardless of who wins. Decisions are made by appointees just as much they are made by those at the top.

Voting for a particular ticket because of the personality and physical attractiveness of a vice-presidential candidate is foolish - regardless of the party.

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Positive news on Y’town shouldn’t mask negative

Those were all good points.

Urban problems which persist in both the older cities along the mahoning river and the suburbs need to be continually addressed. There is no time to rest, even with some of the recent good news out of Lordstown and the YBI.

Looking at the editorial's final sentence however, there are some ways we can begin to pick away at this specific problem.

Every Tuesday from 3pm-6pm for the rest of the summer there will be a farmers market downtown on central square, providing the opportunity for people to enjoy fresh produce.

More information and photos can be found here:

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Trumbull besting Mahoning in race for new GM workers

"who would want to live in Youngstown?"

I do.

I choose Youngstown.

and there are many others who choose the city as a place to live as well. there are many places with fine people across the entire mahoning valley, but I prefer the proximity to the campus and downtown, the access to the park, and the quality of the architecture and neighborhoods.

I don't have a house in Youngstown because I'm forced to.

I choose Youngstown.

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Trumbull besting Mahoning in race for new GM workers

There are many great places to live in the region.

I would also encourage any person considering a move to check out the housing stock in the city of Youngstown.

here's a blog about getting "double the house for half the price":

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There's a gap between Youngstown and Frangos - and don't cover it with plywood

I wanted to add, as an about-to-be "thirty something professional", I really really really dislike that term.

There is no line in the sand. Caring about downtown development is not a clique by which there is an age requirement. Young professionals are not the saviors of this earth, even though it is trendy to market to them.

Moving forward entails sharing thoughts across all ages and all races and all classes.

Youngstown is a big tent. Get inside of it regardless of your age.

There's plenty of room.

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There's a gap between Youngstown and Frangos - and don't cover it with plywood

While not a perfect way of measuring the public's desire, the online petition someone has put up to create a Landmark Structure Ordinance for Youngstown has gathered a wide range of support by various people throughout the community:

well over 400 signatures and counting, with many noticable names.

Maybe these individuals with their own distinct voices - regardless of the groupings labeled to them such as "media" or "bloggers" or "brickhuggers" or "politicians" - can come together to work on an Ordinance which may prevent future mishaps from occuring.

Perhaps the trust which can develop from process of working together will prepare the community better for the next big obstacle - whatever it may be.

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Plans for building arouse concern

The Kress Building is a very good example of how a structure, when not protected by its owners, can quickly fall into a state of blight.

But blight does not equal worthlessness.

Unfortunately, this structure will now need more funds for its renovation than if it would have been properly mothballed by the current owners.

But the Kress is a very good case study of what can happen to the Stambaugh building if nothing is done soon. Water causes enormous damage to a building in a very short time.

would The Todd consider me a "downtown brickhugger"?

- viva los brickhuggers!

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