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Don’t let people feed the park geese, ODNR warns

The "politically-correct" Police State and now the "politically-correct" Police Park. Sad... no longer allowed to feed geese and ducks or anything at Mill Creek Park. "We the People" have no say- only the State and the politicians (including Mill Creek Park officials) loyal to it.

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238 geese, goslings killed in today's euthanasia effort in Mill Creek

Blame it on the geese.
Pitbulls in Youngstown and now geese in Mill Creek Park.
The ODNR set tougher standards and linked the Poland quakes to fracking- a wise move IMHO.
But now to vent their frustrations out on geese?

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EPA seeks to cut power plant carbon by 30 percent

The EPA was a separate gov't agency at its inception in the 70's under Nixon. It was during Bush 2's administration, I believe, that the EPA became part of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.
Obama is just following his masters' orders. Obama and the rest of the USA's "politicians".

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Idora Park land undeveloped despite 29 years of promises

Idora Park, Mill Creek Park and its golf course, Butler Museum of Art, Youngstown College (YSU), private and corporate businesses, the city of Youngstown itself along with a multitude of other public and private enterprises were established when Youngstown was a major producer of steel before the EPA was formed.

The EPA was formed and ultimately destroyed the steel industry here which is a direct reason why we don't have Idora Park anymore- and that was before the EPA was under control of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.

Now the EPA is under control of the Executive Branch and is turning a blind eye to the environmental hazards of fracking (not so with steel-making emissions) yet Obama's plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants to fight 'climate change' (remember it was first called 'global warming') is going to further the Youngstown's (and the USA's) demise.

The good old days of Idora Park are long gone from Youngstown and most probably will never return...

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Will you vote to ban fracking in the city of Youngstown in the primary election?

I should have said I believe danny347 is right on. Federal, State, Local elections/polls are all FIXED in this country. They're going to continue fracking no matter what we say.

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Lepore-Hagan captures nod for House seat held by her husband

Federal, State, Local "elections"... all fixed in this country

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Is Jim Tressel qualified to be YSU president?

Great Artwork

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Tressel applies for YSU presidency

If he's hired as President of YSU will Head Football coach Eric Wolford will ultimately be answerable to him?
I can see it now...
Jim Tressel- the nation's 1st President/ Head Football Coach at an Institute of Higher Learning.

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