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‘Voting irregularity’ in last election being investigated

"Irregularities", amazingly, tend to fall the way of the Democrat 99% of the time. I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

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Eatery caters to unions

“Middle-class Americans do the buying,” Callahan said.

We are also the ones stuck with the tab for the inflated wages and benefits of public sector unions.

I'll find somewhere else to dine.

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Kasich touts Valley in speech; will action follow his words?

The Valley's problems are largely self-inflicted, and began long before Kasich took office. People need to stop looking for a hero in Columbus or Washington DC to rescue us from our own mistakes. Continuing to operate the same way and vote the same way will produce the same results no matter who sits in a mansion hundreds of miles away.

As long as we keep seeing businesses as something to unionize, bleed and tax to death we'll continue to see businesses leave and never come back.

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Tax phase-out unpleasant surprise for schools

The so called "stimulus" dollars didn't stimulate anything. They were a guise for political paybacks and pork projects that only added more debt to a recessed economy and made facing reality even more difficult.

Welcome to the real world, educators, where your money doesn't automatically rise each year and you might even have to pay for part of your health insurance. Deal with it.

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Gov. Kasich's proposed Ohio budget cuts

It's called "reality", children of the left, and the adults now have to clean up the garbage left by the Dems spending spree that created this mess. You can't continually keep spending beyond your means and not expect to suffer the consequences down the road.

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Girard’s O’Connell to visit Obama

I wouldn't walk across the street to meet Barack Obama.

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Collective thoughts of a taxpayer

Is this really Did reality actually intrude on the union mythology of the "valley"?

It would be nice if Youngstown woke up and stopped blindly voting for government union hacks, in the name of "solidarity", but I suspect the collective stupidity of the locals is too much to overcome.

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Strickland fires back at Kasich

Bertram carrying water for Democrats is as predictable as the sun rising in the morning.


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Renowned crime-fighters seek Youngstown volunteers

I agree with BELLAMY1's post.

It's sad to see what has become of Youngstown. Sadder still that I own property and live in Mahoning County.

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Chuck Tanner, former Pirates manager, dies

Another piece of my youth passes away. Thanks for the WS, Mr. Tanner. The Pirates may never see another one.


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