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Strickland, UAW say auto bailout saved the economy

The assertions put forth by Strickland and the UAW are absolute economic nonsense. Whether they're stupid enough to actually believe what they're saying is up for debate, but it is clear they think their audience IS stupid enough to believe it.

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Some business owners say minimum wage hike forcing cuts

The notion that government can set artificial floors and caps on prices without consequence is economic nonsense.

As we have learned over the last few decades in Ohio, Joe Sixpack knows nothing about economics, thinks every business is a bottomless pit of money, and feels people should be paid based on what they "need" or how long they have been alive. They vote accordingly, and the inevitable result is what we have seen in the Rust Belt - economic collapse.

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A humble American hero laid to rest

May he rest in peace.

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Fed up with Valley Democrats? Visit GOP open house Saturday

The Mahoning Valley should've been fed up with Democrats a long time ago as they presided over its demise (as they did in Detroit and elsewhere).

Instead, they keep electing Democrats thinking THIS TIME they will make it right. The definition of insanity...

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Expect more updates on the Tressel resignation

If Tressel could "dictate" the time of his resignation he wouldn't have flown back from vacation last night and resigned this morning. Obviously, the other shoe is about to drop and tOSU is trying to get out in front of it.

He either "resigned" today or he was going to get fired today. Not much choice for him.

That said, this mess is largely of his own making.

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Drunken mom gets life, no parole, for microwaving her baby to death

So it only took 2 comments for an abortion debate to break out. Nice job, people.

Back to the topic at hand, how about we build a microwave large enough to hold an adult, put her in, and set the timer for about 5 minutes?

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Blessing of pets

Even if one buys into the notion that humans have "souls" - which I do not - does anyone really believe cats and dogs have them? What possible purpose would a "blessing" serve, even if we assume God exists?

To each their own, I guess, but it sounds like religious superstition to me. Have fun with it.

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Justice revival

The only thing worse than advocating for socialism is hiding behind your religion while you're doing it. Pushing the government to forcibly take money from one person and give it to another is not "love", "charity", or "justice". It's theft.

If your church and its members choose to help those in "need" by their own volition and with their own resources, that is "charity".

Please do not insult my intelligence by trying to pass off the former as the latter.

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Drivers aghast at $4.15 a gallon

Econ 101, supply and demand folks. Everything Obama has done in this area has served to limit supply while we continue to demand more fuel. He can yap all day about other people but at the end of it he has done nothing, and will do nothing, to increase supply.

He has no interest in lowering gas prices, because he wants to "invest" - if you haven't heard him say this you really aren't paying attention - in "alternative" sources and public transportation. The best way to get you to go along with it is for gas prices to sky rocket, as long as you don't blame him for it.

But I'm sure you'll all run out and vote for him again next year. Suckers...

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Youngstown must deal with Covelli Centre fiscal reality

Another government "investment" loser, not unlike our "investment" in General Motors that is - shockingly - losing billion$.

The government does not "invest" in anything. It throws our money at political friends. There's a HUGE difference.

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