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Local cooperation lauded at launch of Austintown's racino

Community after community build casinos, and they all think they're going to have sustained economic growth as a result.

Casinos in Vegas work because tourists come there. When the casinos just cater to locals, it's the economic equivalent of washing each others' laundry. People aren't booking 3 hour flights to come to Austintown.

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God sends a message to the GOP

I saw the headline and figured this article would be stupid. Then I saw it was Bertram de Souza and knew it would be stupid.

The Mahoning Valley has put their trust in democrats for decades while the area swirls down the drain. There's a definition for doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

I'll be retiring early and escaping this doomed, dumbed-down area ASAP.

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Jury finds Christopher Kelso guilty of aggravated vehicular homicide

He was out on bail. Being presumed innocent until proven guilty is not a "travesty" of any sort.

He was found guilty and sentenced to 7 years in prison. The system worked.

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President earned another term

I don't know what planet you have to live on to remotely believe Obama has "earned another term", but it sure isn't Earth.

He's been an unmitigated disaster economically, and is not respected at all internationally. He's a joke on the office, and more importantly, on us.

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Unemployment rates rose in 18 US states last month

Hard to believe a guy who spent years stapling fliers to telephone poles can't manage an economy.

Thanks for the change, idiots. Four more years!

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School board OKs placing 5.9-mill levy on Nov. ballot

Some of the comments are laughable. First off, taxes were not used to pay for the football stadium. Second, not everyone in Poland "can afford it" despite what you have chosen to believe.

When the teachers pay a real share of their health insurance, talk to me. Those of us who work in the real world pay over 20% of our premiums. Their salaries would be above average for year round employment. For 9-10 month employment they are exceptional. Cut. Your. Costs.

No way 5.9 mills passes in an election year.

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Biden: Election is about visions

As usual Joe is wrong. The election is about performance, and Obama's has been even worse than I expected it to be 4 years ago.

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Countdown to casino opening

90 percent of its work force is from the area and 90% of the money it takes in will also be from the area. A casino in every town isn't going to build an economy. Vegas didn't get big by attracting locals to spend their money. It got big by attracting visitors from all over to bring their money to Vegas.

That isn't going to happen in Cleveland when there are casinos in Erie, Pittsburgh, Detroit, northern West Virginia, among others...

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Obama campaign's ‘Made in Ohio’ tour stop gets Valley workers' praise

This area has been run by Democrats and unions for decades. Obviously, it is going so well we shouldn't consider anything else. But there's always some Republican boogeyman out there who can be blamed this area's problems, rather than the fools running this area.

Just keep telling yourselves that, but remember there's a word for doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results...

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Just what doctor ordered: Merger of city, county health departments

Since when do "financial and logistical sense" matter when dealing with politicians? Therein lies the problem, and it goes way beyond Mahoning County.

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