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Boehner: 'We fought the good fight, we just didn't win'

All the games and the smoke screen scenario are over.......and all is well!

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Kasich was open about his agenda

I am middle class and tired of being abused by the wealthy politicians. I didn't hear the Gov offer to take a hit in his goverment pension(s) or pay. I will not allow my rights to collectively bargain to go without a fight! Does the Gov want a repeat of Kent State or Stop 5? That's where he has pointed ..... the recent mideastern temperment has come to a neighborhood near you, stay tuned for another black eye for Youngstown and Ohio. You got what you voted for alright, he screwed us on Wall St. and continues in Columbus. Vote Republican!

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‘You’re damn right I ordered the raises’

Another case of an arrogant politician/lawyer!
Damn right it's our money!

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Maybe county should have closed for the week

Great article Todd....I drive to Akron(and my sister to Canton) daily to go to work. Of course we are in the private sector and don't get paid if we don't show up. To be a part of the valley citizenry that is good, maintain your work ethic. Go to work and do your best while you're there. You are getting paid !!! And Todd although I love this column and know you speak the truth, you might want to think about having a remote starter put on your car.....this is Youngstown. :>)

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One year later, South Side still reels from murder

It's not the mayor's fault, but rather a failure of women. They control what goes on in society, all society. Until they quit sleeping with men nad having their children nothing will change. Women in the hood have to control their children's destiny. They have opportunity but fail to take advantage of it.

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’07 depositions to be part of Oakhill case

Have we forgotten the justice system in Y-town? Innocent until proven guilty.... perhaps one ought to look at who's driving the prosecution. This case has every appearance of a political battle more than a criminal one.

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Liberty Township is late in acknowledging that death of woman merits inquiry

Shame of a different sort comes to Liberty via the L.P.D.
What if it were your grandmother officer? Or yours Trustees?

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Youngstown schools system making progress on budget

How much are you short this year? Ten million....hello?
Trim the fat and do what you need to do, and that isn't another levy!

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Boardman trustees asking for help

The township needs to bite the bullet on real estate tax increases!
All options must be on the table including incorporation, income taxes and sales taxes. Home owners cannot afford to continue to fund the demand of the business community in Boardman.

The fire chief questioned if the fire department could respond to the needs of the hospital on McClurg before the layoffs. How about if all the people working there pay an income tax. How about if the police,fire,trustees, mall workers,Sam's Club, Wally World and Shops at the Park, Car dealers, Home Depot, Lowes and the hotels all pay an income tax. Who uses the services of Boardman more than the people that shop there and the business that profits from their trade?

The fire department needs to get out of the ambulance business and contract out their calls to private companies.
Finally, what is the fire chief thinking keeping open the two fire stations west of the Southern Blvd. railroad tracks?
Logistically that is a potential catastrophe/lawsuit waiting to happen. At no time should the station on South Ave. be closed. Move who you have to move Chief to cover east of the tracks. You can staff any station by your choice. I hope you don't want a "trainwreck" to make your point or mine.

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Rebate limits penalize those who work hard and succeed

Rebate Limit Penalizes Those Who Work Hard and Succeed

Mr. McGowen must think everyone that makes less than $75,000 is beneath him, doesn't work hard, and has their credit cards maxed out. I work hard and manage my credit well and make less than $75,000 per year. Sounds like an elitist attitude to me,and then complaining over $600. Would you like some wine with your cheese?
Here's my offer Doc, I'll exchange annual incomes with you and I'll send you my $600 rebate check so you won't feel penalized or slighted?

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