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Man shot by city cop improves; chief hopes 3 probes end this week


Yes I do know what the word "hypocrite" means and I am by no means trying to "pretend to be something I am not; I am merely stating my thoughts on why someone would be stupid enough to get in front of a vehicle. Ask around, people that do know the officer very well state that he is a "hot head" and supposedly he has a record of pulling his weapon out at times when it is not warranted. All I am saying is let ALL the facts come out before condemning anyone instead of making a decision based on half the story.

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Man shot by city cop improves; chief hopes 3 probes end this week

Wow, it amazes me that so many people are judgmental. I too know Cory and his family personally and can attest that he is a good kid. Did he maybe make a poor decision....possibly but know one but Cory knows what was going on in his mind at the time. I agree with a few other postings on here that things look fishy. If I recall, early reports state that the responding officer was standing in the parking lot when a green car drove by; now it is Cory was in the parking lot a ran the officer over....Which is it?

While Cory was and still in the hospital for injuries inflicted by the officer, the officer only received bumps and bruises, Cory must not have been trying to purposely run the officer over and why in the world would a person get in front of a moving vehicle? Maybe the officer wants to kick back and receive Workers' Compensation for the rest of his life. With all the cop cars shown on TV, why not review the video tape from the cruisers or talk to the witnesses standing about on whether or not they got a license plate? They could then have traced the plates back and arrested Cory at his residence should they have felt it was really warranted. That would have saved 2 people from getting injured as well as the city spending money it doesn't have to pay for the investigation into this matter.

I am so glad that there is so many perfect people in Youngstown and the surrounding cities that can make a judgment so quick after reading an article or watching TV. PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES and I know this for a fact because I too experienced the hatred and narrow mindedness that SOME are showing in these posts. Some ASSUME that Cory was a bad kid based on one-sided facts reported in this paper....GROW UP and get a life because you can do something wrong in a blink of an eye and end being the subject of such hatred on here too.

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