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The most creative burger menu that we have seen in Youngstown. Nice job, Dine N Dash!

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D'Vino's fine dining is divine

Great article! Sounds like a nice place. Definitely will have to visit!

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Nitro’s Law stalls in the Ohio Senate

Hey streetsmart - "Every human... I MEAN EVERY HUMAN... is much more important than an animal."

Asinine statement. Do you think the guy that just shot dead the kindergarten class in CTs life is more important than a seeing eye dog's life, or any dog's life. If you do, then you're a sick SOB.

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Lake Tavern wows Burger Boys big time

GREAT place for a burger!!!

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Nitro’s Law stalls in the Ohio Senate

ulistenup - You're joking, right?.... "What is the ethical difference between someone who kills a deer 'for fun" and someone who kills a dog 'for fun?'"

When did you ever hear of someone holding a deer captive and starving it, or torturing it for fun? And when does "Family Pet Hunting Season" begin? Hunting deer is totally different than killing, or torturing a neighbor's pet, and if you don't see that, then there must be something wrong with you. Anyone that can commit such despicable acts against domesticated animals, of which a huge portion of our population love and accept as members of their families, should be imprisoned. It is a FACT that profiles of many of the criminally insane jackasses that commit murders in our society have incidents of torture, mutilation and murder of domesticated animals, in their past.

And also, it's sad that an elected official can argue for the leniency of animal abusers by making a comparison to child abusers! Mr. Niehaus, YOU sir are a lawmaker! If you think that child abuse laws are too lenient, (and they are), then perhaps you should attempt to change them instead of dismissing a bill that protects family pets from immoral acts!

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Guy's burgers are not for sissies

Good stuff! I'm sure a full-service restaurant must be in Guy's future.

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Lemon Grove squeezes out good local burger

Once avoided, downtown Youngstown is making a comeback with evidence being the Lemon Grove Cafe, V2, the new O'Donold's on the way, and other great night-life spots/restaurants. I was impressed with the Lemon Grove's decor and menu. I thought the organic, grass fed beef hamburger was very good, (but not the world's best!), but I really missed the french fries AND MY MGD! While downtown, I wouldn't hesitate for a return visit to the Lemon Grove.

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The Melange Challenge Burger

I don't know how anyone can eat that much food in one sitting!

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MVBRB Review: Up A Creek Tavern

I've always had a great time at Up a Creek! Great appetizers!

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MVBRB Review: Big L's Blind Pig, (Bazetta)

Haven't tried this place yet. Looks like fun.

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