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Someone stole 100 shirts bearing East High logo, name

Great comments
There are some real pieces of work that live in this city

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Residents of Forbes-dubbed fast-dying town defend area

Number one: Old man grump comment, hilarious!
Number two: Publisher Information Bureau comment, hilarious.

These message boards are really entertaining

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Consolidated work among Valley police departments cracks burglary rings

Good look Attorney General Dann.

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Decade in prison for rapist of 10-year-old

Leniency in a rape crime?
Ten years is far less than I would expect, if I were the boy's parent's.

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New Russian plant will build Chevy Cruze

Obama won't take office until January 20th; he's the president elect right now, and doesn't have control right now. Take it easy up there Tomcat.

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Laying claim to Barack Obama

Well said.

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RTI reports drop in third-quarter earnings

So the obvious question here is, "What does this mean for the Youngstown area plant?"

Hopefully we'll have that answered in the larger version of the Vindicator.
I'm only saying this because, this is the kind of article that makes the reader panic.
I'd also like to figure out how we can help boost this company's sales because it means a lot to the local labor force.

If we can have that answered in the Vindicator then I'd be extremely surprised, and possibly have some pride for my hometown media.


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Candidates get grilled tonight

It'd be nice to know who will be attending

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Dogs at kennel found dead || GRAPHIC PHOTOS

I agree that this kind of thing needs to be told to the public, but GRAPHIC PHOTOS in all CAPS??? Seriously??? It makes the newspaper look like a 'kind' bunch of individuals. (Sarcasm intended)

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Official: Schools need big changes

Let's just hope that once our workforce acquires the knowledge for the new economy, the company owners and government officials don't ship their jobs out of the country.

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