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OHIO’S FISCAL FALLOUT: 10 things to know about SB 5

To geromajor:

Then we need to join together -- stand together -- and FIGHT BACK! We can beat this attack on working families at the polls.

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OHIO’S FISCAL FALLOUT: 10 things to know about SB 5

There's something else that needs to be known about SB5. Gov. Kasich likes to present this legislation as necessary to "restore balance" between public employee job compensation and that of their counterparts in the private sector. However, an independent study conducted by the Economic Policy Institute and released in February concludes Ohio public employees are NOT over-compensated, as Gov. Kasich contends. Ironically, when it comes to a balance of compensation between counterparts Gov. Kasich is the 14th highest-paid governor in the country (at $144,269), while the members of the Ohio legislature are the sixth highest-paid in the country (at $60,584). I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat, nor am I a public employee but I know fertilizer when I smell it.

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