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Winery wins big at state’s top court

So, why not the alcohol? By your statement, greyarea, it doesn't matter, right? Obviously Myrddin has been given quick, easy access to do business, right? Two or so years of trying to get licences, dealing with zoning officials, etc... Over 3 years of legal battles to uphold what had been approved in the first place...

Are you aware what has to be done to acquire a Sunday licence? If I am not mistaken, it requires petition give signed by a number of local inhabitants. Also, if I'm not mistaken, those neighbors that are so unhappy about the winery? Why are their names signed on that petition? I would come up with a witty faux answer, but the question holds up just fine on its own.

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Winery wins big at state’s top court

Commyliberal... wow what a name... Anyways, I was unaware that it was a left wing thing to not drink. I'll keep that in mind in the future. Also, have you ever actually been to a bar? I can say that while I'm not a huge fan of bars, your "comparison" (If you call it that, you would actually have had to frequent both to compare), you're more than entitled to your opinion, and it's good to know you won't be going there anytime soon.

DD933- A Nazi run state government? You're like one of those college kids that thought the hippies were cool, and wanted to whine just to hear the sound of your voice. Unless you can argue with intelligence and substance, you should probably quit whining.

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Top court says Lake Milton winery can stay

Mr. Fenton, your rights have been considered, and in fact, you've proven your ability to sway others into being "beyond" the law in your little crusade. I find it ironic that your name is on the publicly available Sunday liquor license petition for Myrrdin Winery. You have right to be a bigot, racist, or any other hobby you choose. However, you have no right to wipe your hind quarters with the law, as written by your own peers and predecessors. So as you have waived hot middle finger at myself and my 6 year old daughter as we passed by, this is your own state waiving theirs at you.

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Stay keeps Lake Milton winery in operation during appeal

The legal murkiness of this whole proceeding is baffling. This entire charade has been perpetuated by two individuals of whom supported the winery, and became too emotional when the owners of the winery bought a lot that one of them was using as extra backyard space. If you are truly concerned about this winery, take the time to truly research the laws, instead of searching for legal loopholes to attempt to shut it down.

Education is key.

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