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OSU’s Roby, Smith to sit out opener

I guess slapping women is a less punishable offense than trading stuff you own for tattoos and trying to cover it up. Sadly Urban Meyer and the rest of college football have a win at all cost mentality otherwise Johnny football would be sitting out as well. Urban's players arrest records have already surpassed previous eras at OSU.

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Bishop Murry decides against moving Mooney to the 'burbs

A once valued faith based education has now become the country club of schools with far more attending to show theses are families of means. Sadly the good people of Mooney and Ursline will die a slow painful existence living separately while coming together to preserve the future could ultimately mean longevity by having one thriving high school which could be known as Youngstown Central Catholic. They did it in Warren combining Harding and Reserve, it was at first painful but now strong. United we stand divided we fall!

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MCCTC students sport fashions from trash

Great story we need more like it!

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State’s commitment to protect Meander will be put to the test as oil and gas drilling expands

@Repeaters Exactly, what a travesty!

“The casing makes sure that the fluid to be pumped through the well, in addition to the oil and gas collected, remains isolated from groundwater and doesn’t enter the water supply,” Simmers wrote.

You got to be kidding me, so there's no leakage? 100% full proof. So much still needs to be understood about the environmental impact and danger to people that actually live in the area!

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Documents: CEO Lupo directed illegal dump of brine

Due to the proximity of the dumping and the unnamed tributary, is Meander Reservoir in jeopardy of being contaminated?

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GHOST RETIRES: Kelly Pavlik calls it a career

Best wishes to Kelly in retirement...his fight against Jermaine Taylor was not only the fight of the year but one of the best middle weight fights of all time...a metaphor for the city that was to been knocked down and is getting up off the canvas. Kelly is too a part of the fabric of helping to rebuild this city. People who criticize personal flaws haven't lived and hope he's on his way to a productive retirement!

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Mayor Sammarone says Covelli Centre is ‘not an anchor for downtown’

This just shows how out-of-touch the mayor is with the community...He says it's not an anchor and doesn't bring business downtown, however every restaurant owner including his own son say that on event nights their business picks up!

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UPDATE: 28 dead in Connecticut school massacre; shooter ID corrected

didnt say to ban video games just asked why they need to be so violent and didnt say leave the guns alone said we need tougher laws...

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UPDATE: 28 dead in Connecticut school massacre; shooter ID corrected

Unfortunately since Columbine happened over ten years ago we've continued to get worse and no better at protecting our children. Blame here starts with the individual...How about a real prevention plan:

1. Gun enforcement - cannot ban guns, criminals still get them...but we can make it tougher to get them and gun education

2. Law enforcement at schools full time - lock down schools, metal detectors, stringent visitor checks, closer monitoring of students activity from law officers

3. Video games that desensitize violence, i.e. Call of Duty where mass murdering is the theme of the game. why do these games have to be so violent?

4. Commericals during prime time hours or football on Sundays that are violent exposing young children and kids to things they wouldn't normally see

5. More parents raising their own kids instead of day cares and grandparents

6. Prayer - giving time during the school day for kids to reflect

it's not a left or right thing it's a common sense thing!

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Obamacare prompts YSU to cap hours for faculty

Really making a big deal about 1% of the part time workforce - 10 out of 800 worked over 24 hours.

YSU doesn't want to pay for the healthcare plan so they are keeping their employees under the threshold. This btw is nothing new between full time and PT benefits pre/post Obamacare

So it's cost containment, people will now get done in 24 hrs what they use to get done in 30 hours.

A Republican appointed Supreme Court Justice had an opportunity to vote against Obamacare last summer and didn't!

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