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Lanterman’s Mill marks 25 years of new life

I'm with you. I used to go to the mill as a kid and have always thought it was a great place to visit and enjoy the history and the nature surroundings. I brought my wife there when we were in town from Scottsdale 10 years ago and have some great pictures of the mill and the area.Thanks to the folks who keep this piece of history alive, and CJJ8888, someday maybe you will be able to appreciate it also.

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Great time for cookouts & more

during your weekend of family and fun, please dont forget what the holliday was dedicated to. The men and women who laid down thier lives so we may have the freedom to enjoy the lifestyle and all other wonderful benefiets we have in this great country.God bless them all and all our service men and women

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Cruzing for charity at GM Lordstown

I retired 5 years ago after 4 years Air Force and 32 years with theFederal Aviation Administration as an air traffic controller at one of the busiest airports in the country,so your not the only person that works. Also, here in AZ. it's always riding weather so I hear the bikes all the time. Like I said before, Live and let live, and lighten up,lifes too short .

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Cruzing for charity at GM Lordstown

dear hvinmysay:
If you think motorcycles are just clowns and noise, i suggest you look up Patriot Guard Riders,they escourt funeral processions for fallen military and former military.I have ridden with them often. I have also been on many charity rides and memorial rides for fallen police in the Phoenix area. Bikers are not all clowns or Hells Angels,they do good for a lot of causes, the only difference between us and you is we do it as a group and on two wheels.Live and let live .

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Kent State 40 years on — What have we learned?

One guardsman did die that day at Kent State , he had a heart attack. But it was probably not caused by rock or bottle attacks,but who knows.They were sent there because of riots and vandalism. And how many were realy part of the campus or brought in from elsewhere?

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After 50 years, Jane Goodall sees hope amid destruction

strojjj, the human race has destroyed more than can ever be replaced or replenished.Ms. Goodall and her kind are trying to help save whats left. And as for mother nature is concerned, George Carlin said it best, "she could shake us off like a flea or tick and start all over again"

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Job drain deepens in Valley, but officials forecast growth soon

Try living in Arizona. Not only are the instructions in english, they are also in spanish! We have a sherriff out here,Joe Arpaio who goes after the illegals with gusto, so a lot have been leaving the state and also leaving jobs like busboy,Mc Donalds etc but do you think the wellfare folks will apply? No way Jose, at least until the well runs dry on unemployment.

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Boom Boom’s movie on city to premiere in Cleveland

I have lived in arizona for 36yrs, but I was born in ytown and raised there. I spent my first 18yrs there before joining the Air Force. I always say ytown is my home town and talk about how great a place it is even with the bad that has happened to it. You don't have to live there to show love and support for the town. Just be thankful that someone like Ray is willing to take on this task to show the world the real Youngstown

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Valley continues to dig ... and dig

I grew up in Youngstown and loved the winters.Ice scatting on the back lake at Lake Park cemetery, Sled riding in Brownlee woods, on some evenings with my buddies, hopping car bumpers and riding down Lemoine or Sheridan Rds.
Now, living in Arizona, all I need to do is hop in the car and drive 2 hours to Flagstaff and see the snow. No shoveling! But I do miss it sometimes.

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St. Dom suspect’s parents arrested on retaliation charges

The apple does'nt fall far from the tree does it?

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