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GOP: In-state tuition for students voting in Ohio

This would mean pretty much every out-of-state student in Ohio would register to vote to get lower tuition. Ohio public universities are in part funded by Ohio taxpayers. If the schools suddenly lose a huge chunk of income from not having out-of-state tuition how are they going to make up for it? In-state tuition could go up negating any advantage of in-state tuition, taxes could increase for Ohio residents, or the schools will drastically cut services and staff. We can fix all our budget problems by getting rid of the single biggest waste of tax dollars - all the worthless politicians who would rather play games like this instead of doing any actual work.

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YSU student's model ranks vacant homes for demolition

None of this is new information or very helpful in solving the real problem in Youngstown. The city is way too corrupt to actually get anything done.

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Pipe Organ at Stambaugh

The organ is a Skinner, not Spinner.

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Democrats demonize the rich

So there are no rich Democrats?

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Ohio school officials say Jesus portrait will stay

I'm admittedly pretty liberal, but this kind of stuff is just ridiculous. Are we going to ban religious texts from libraries? Lots of things in the world are offensive, I would hardly put a painting of a man who most likely looks nothing at all like what Jesus actually looked like on that list. The Freedom From Religion Foundation would be better off asking the school system if they could sponsor a workshop for the students about different beliefs which could include Christianity, Buddhism, Agnosticism, Atheism, etc. I bet that would cost a lot less than whatever they're paying their attorney. The point of a school is to educate, after all.

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YSU demolishing historic church

It is sad to see Pilgrim Collegiate go, but not a surprise. The building had problems when Pilgrim merged with another church to become Faith Community, but from my understanding all the utilities have been off for years. You can't let an old building sit empty without it deteriorating into an unusable condition. The sanctuary was absolutely beautiful with lots of great woodwork in addition to the huge stained glass windows (which were Tiffany if memory serves). I know that the pipe organ at least was salvaged and will hopefully find a good home someday. In the old days the church got power to run the organ from the trolly line that ran down Wick. The story I heard was the organist had to check to see if there was enough juice available before turning it on! Protestant Campus Ministry, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and other groups called the church home over the years. It really was a great piece of history. I understand that buildings eventually get to a point where they are just not worth saving, but I wonder if this would have happened if YSU had done something about it earlier. In any case, it will be nice to see the property used for something constructive although I'm worried they'll just wait until people forget and turn it into another parking lot.

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Gov. Kasich spares condemned Ohio obese killer

How does this guy weigh so much if he is in prison? How much are they giving him to eat?

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Misfits and deviants who voted for Obama will rue the day

I was also a 4 point student (actually I had an above 4 pt GPA in high school because of AP classes). I took the AP test in English and scored a 4, but my college would only accept a 5, same with calculus. I ended up taking calc in college and was amazed at how much more I understood. Just because a person gets good grades and is a hard worker does not mean they should automatically do well at everything the first time around. College is a completely different animal than high school, failing to test out of a requirement is hardly grounds to call a teacher lazy, and sometimes students just need extra review, not matter how smart they are. You still failed to address my question about whether you felt you were civil in your criticism. All I'm hearing is negative rhetoric and opinion.

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US defends $1.9B deal with banking giant

This is shameful. According to an NPR story yesterday, HSBC's total assets are around 3 trillion dollars. This fine is a slap on the wrist, nothing more. In addition, there are specific people who knowingly broke the law by willfully doing business with Mexican drug cartels, Iran, etc. Those individuals need to be held accountable and prosecuted instead of being allowed to hide inside the company.

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Misfits and deviants who voted for Obama will rue the day

ulistenup, I appreciate your statement that opponents must be civil in their criticism, but I suggest you take your own advice to heart. I just read a comment you posted in the story about the latest polling numbers for Gov. Kasich in which you said teachers "are the biggest bunch of overpaid cry babies on the planet," and "Although there are some good teachers, so many are nonproductive government parasites." Would you not consider those statements to be both negative and uncivil? We certainly are all imperfect, aren't we!

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