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Law license suspension stayed for Hanni

Hold off everybody---Heidi will screw this up again and will be disbarred permanently in the future. If she doesn't get her alcoholism and manic depression under control, her demise will be inevitable. The entire family is a trainwreck and Mark, Holly & Heidi are like the moles on their father's rear ends!!!! They all compete to see who's the best lawyer--THEY ALL SUCK!!!!! The Hanni reign is OVER and they are lower tier attorneys riding the last name of a corrupt, dead attorney who got away with things because the Mahoning County political system was corruptible. The only Hanni offspring with any intelligence is Heidi's daughter Lindsey, and she would tell you that she has to take care of her mother because of her manic depression and chronic drinking.

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Another sisterly smack down

I agree with you Holly--Your brother is a disgrace as a human being and is desperate to be the big shot of all the Hanni children. I hope the FBI invesitgates him and finds all that he has done over the last 10 years. He's a pig and I am on your side. Politics in Youngstown are a joke and nobody in the state house takes anyone seriously from Youngstown. Mark thinks he is Tony Soprano--and he's not!!! Ask Joe Rafidi about your brother's tirade at his office and taking a baseball bat to his belongings--When your father was still alive, I remember he said to me that Mark is nothing but a dishonest person and that's why he'll never win any election of significance--and he was dead on!!!! Good for you Holly.

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Metro digest || Hanni elected

LOL--Rachel Hanni--will never be in the political arena--except maybe in Youngstown. These Hanni's need to go away--all of them who keep multiplying like gremlins--They could never last in a large city and they never leave Youngstown. Her Dad has a disgraceful work history, from the school board to ODOT. Enjoy your life in Coitsville, OH. At least it wasn't Marky Hanni, the sanitation worker!!!!!!

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Yahoo! Sports: Kelly Pavlik in rehab for alcohol issues

I've known Kelly since he was young, as I played alot of baseball with his older brother Mike. This doesn't surprise me, as Kelly has been visibly intoxicated and obnoxious in very public venues since he was in his late teens. Kelly's problem was that he ran around with people he thought were his friends and who took advantage of him when he became a pro boxer. EVERYBODY I know predicted this long before he won the title. Hopefully he is being smart with his earnings over the last 3 years and invested it right, or he will be another "has been" who threw his "lucky fortune" down the drain trying to impress the population of Youngstown. Opening a bar in Struthers and the Betty Ford clinic is assanine!!! If he truly wants to get sober, he could have done that in a much less expensive treatment center if he is truly serious about sobriety. He's 28 years old with NO SKILLS other than boxing--I hope I'm wrong, but you will see him in 10 years on some tv special where he is broke, divorced and busting his hump trying to make a living when he had the "boxing world" at the palm of his hands for a short period of time. He'll always be the "toast of Youngstown," and I will guarantee he is still hopping around to places like LaVilla, The South Side Civics Club and Cambell, OH reliving his glory days where blue collar guys are buying him drinks all night so they could tell their friends that they were out with Kelly Pavlik--Youngstown is a sad mentality and I'm so glad that I have been out of there since I graduated high school and went off to college. Please prove me wrong Kelly--I am a huge fan but completely disappointed and embarassed for you, but also embarassed that another Youngstown kid messed up a legitimate opportunity. You need to take a page out of some TRUE local guys who succeeded such as Michael Zordich, Bernie Kosar, Boom Boom, The Stoops' Brothers, Pelini, Carmen Policy, Brad Smith etc. Don't help make a fool out of you!!!! Wise Up and get sober--Congratualtions on taking the first step and admitting you're a drunk. If not for yourself, do it for your wife and child.

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