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‘He was a good boy’

this is really a parents worse nightmare my prayers to the family for them to heal

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3rd annual ‘Goodness Invasion’ provides food for thousands

there never fails to be one fool on here who has something to say about people doing something good.

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Second Harvest food bank uses $715K it won for equipment

You both should be ashamed of yourself alot that go to the food banks are working but with the cost of rent and utilities can barely afford to feed themselves because most of the jobs out there are minimum wage and a lot are elderly on social security and don't recieve much to support themselves and meds let alone eat. Its small minded Rep like you and I am sure you both are Republicans that think this way.

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Romney stand-ins stump ahead of Obama's visit today

why don't you go look at what has Romney done. You guys are fooling yourself that things are going to turn around with a republican in office. They will rule the world and we will be rice patty farmers/slaves for them. They will get rid of social security and this country will completely go belly up. I think Canada is looking better.

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such a great service thank God for wonderful people like these. We need up lifting stories like this to show we don't live in a totally bad world.

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Biden: Voters have clear choice in 2012 election

you know the only reason BO can't pass anything is because the Republicans are blocking anything he tries to do because they want more tax breaks etc for the RICH ....You guys must either be rich or highly stupid if you want to vote a republican in. Yes lets all join the slave camp for the rich because a republican don't care about the non existant middle class nor the poor. We will be in worse shape when too many idiots vote in republicans and wine and cry about how bad it is going to be.

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11-year-old Hartford boy: I was assaulted at sleepover

I agree janmarsolhoh. Where were the parents that were holding this sleepover? Too many parents do not pay attention or care what there kids do.... I am so sick of people popping kids out and wanting them out of there hair...Why have them? Makes me sick I hope they punish these boys and the parents.

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State confirms what we knew about Youngstown quakes

why are we PA dumping grounds....and what is this doing to the soil and water... Will we end up being another story of people getting sick and dying like in the movie Erin Brockovich. Greedy State Reps.

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3 groceries open Thurs. reverse Youngstown’s ‘food desert’

you wanna know who those union people are? They are employees of Sparkle market that get paid $8 an hour to go picket stores that are non union. Its a load of crap because these so called union stores are nothing but BS. Sparkle will not give employees the hours, treats them like slaves, no health insurance or vacation pay til you are there a year if you are full full offered and have one of there crooked people dib in your drawer and get the union involved....they don't help. Saw it done with many a cashiers there before I quit. They are underhanded. Don't know why the don't leave non union stores alone. Take Nemenz IGA they actually pay more an hour, give you benefits, give you something for christmas and treat there employees alot better than Sparkles. So there go you about unions it will stupid unions like these that will shut stores down (ex save a lot in poland) than robbers

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CAMPBELL Leader: Fix Sheet & Tube homes

They all an eye sore. They need to be torn down along with the projects. Why rebuild they will just get drug addicts and riff raff in there? Why not tear them down and put some stores in like Aldi's, dollar tree etc thats what this town needs business not more slum holes.

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