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Youngstown hires speed-enforcement hearing officer at $95 an hour

I don't see it as anything other than a public safety issue. The fine for being 20+ mph over the speed limit should be higher than $150, it should be $250.

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Youngstown police unit begins weekly crime searches

Funny how the people are complaining about wasting taxpayer money. We have a jail system that is filled to capacity which means that for every person you arrest, you have to release one back to the streets. The jail populations fall under a federal mandate that restricts overcrowding. So, unless taxpayers want to spend more money to expand our massive prison system, this "sweep" which may sound good and make for good reading, will do nothing to reduce crime,

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Ballot board adopts edited language for pot amendment

This will end up in Federal Court. It's a violation of federal anti-trust laws.

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Cooperation urged to cut pollution in Mill Creek watershed

I want to start by saying the above article is EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY well written, hats off to Mr. Milliken. At times I have withheld my criticism of what I believed to be some not so thorough articles written in, but that is NOT the case here.
Thank you for your professionalism.
I look forward to reading follow up stories on this issue, please keep those responsible for our water quality accountable. With your power of the pen and perseverance things can get done!!
Thank You!!

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Youngstown police averaging about 100 speeding citations a day

I can't believe this, how many of you have been speeding in your car this year?
No, 100 cars don't come through 680 bottle necked together at the same time. It's Youngstown not Los Angeles.
Again, how many of you have been speeding this year? Abide by the law and you'll have no problem.
People won't even admit that they've been speeding this year.

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Belinky’s evil rivals Goldberg’s

I understand the plea deal to get him to testify, but why the Get Out of Jail Free Card? He should have pled down to 5 years, not a free pass.

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Youngstown cops zap 1,000 speeders in 12 days

So, what I'd like to know is how people rationalize and justify their very own wrong doing? For crying out loud, all you have to do is drive within 10mph of the speed limit. Grow up and act like responsible adults.
People will vote against a tax increase to fix the worst roads in America. Did anyone ever consider that the tax increase to fix the roads would actually SAVE money through less wear and tear on your tires and your car?
Slow down crybabies!!!

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'Justice' sales tax critical, county officials say.

People deserve an annual pay raise, whether it be in the private or public sector. I find it sad when people get upset about someone getting their annual raise. Pay freezes are not good for the local economy, it means those people have fewer dollars to support local businesses.

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Pentagon may send more advisers to Iraq

War Crimes are what Bush & Cheney should've been charged with for INVADING Iraq. That INVASION caused the DEATH of over 4,000 U.S. troops.

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Given antics of his predecessors, Obama is hardly worst president

903 days of crying left for all sore LOSERS!!

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