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Valley leads state in economic growth, analyst says

Unemployment numbers do not include those who have stopped looking for jobs, so they only tell part of the story. Furthermore by expressing the improvement in a percentage, having only a relatively small number of jobs as a base to compare to makes a small improvement appear much larger. Political spin in action, but at the same time we all hope that the valley is coming back. Just imagine how much better it would have been if the Delphi Salaried Retirees had been able to keep the 1500 people in the valley dependent on their economic activity employed. Obama lied to us when he talked about pension protection, he has no credibility at all. He should have been talking about union protection, but then maybe he was...

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Delphi health subsidy rises

Just to be clear - the United States Treasury orchestrated a deal between GM and the UAW to provide for a very well funded VEBA, but did nothing for other retirees, and allowed the salaried retirees to lose everything. Because the pensions of everybody except the UAW were turned over to the PBGC, the already existing Health Coverage Tax Credit was available to them. Only a small percentage of affected workers took advantage of the VEBA set up for them by the Delphi Salaried Retirees, but they were just as deserving as anybody else who qualified for the program. Only workers in the UAW, the IUE-CWA and the USW were deemed important enough by this administration to receive their full pensions. The Delphi Salaried Retirees are not receiving their pensions, and in fact have seen them reduced by 30% to 70%. Their pensions are too small to pay for health care insurance. So courtesy of the Obama Administration, they took your taxes and simply gave them to the UAW workers and a few others, but left some out altogether. That is the issue - how the US Government treats citizens. The first amendment protects the right of citizens to join or not join any group they want and the government is not allowed to treat them any differently, but this administration chose to discriminate based on political support and "commercial necessity." When are they going to consider YOU to be commercially unnecessary - maybe when you go to collect your social security?

Also, this bill did not create a new VEBA for auto industry workers. That came out of an entirely different bankruptcy and is not actually available yet.

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Youngstown mayor for U.S. auto czar?

This is an opportunity for our area to be directly represented at the highest levels in the administration. It could be very helpful. Also, Mr. Williams has heard numerous times about the effect on the area due to the unfair treatment of the Delphi Retirees. $161 Million a year for the next 20 years or so is a lot more than any Congressman has been able to send home. If he can help to get those people treated fairly instead of being thrown to the wolves it would help the area more than anything else that has been done! This is good news and we should be glad for the oppotunity. Let's just hope Mr. Williams remembers where he came from.

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Delphi hearing today

According to the Detroit press, the court ruled on all 4 counts yesterday and found against the PBGC in all cases. Now the retiree's case can move forward and they can subpoena the documents they say will reveal why the decisions to leave them out were made and who made them. It is really unfortunate that they have to spend part of their reduced pensions supporting their court case against a Democratic administration that promised to be the most transparent in history. All they want is to be treated fairly. They earned their pensions just like the union folks did.

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A second look at pension issues

Concerning "A Second Look at Pension Issues” The author uses the Delphi situation as an example of why the pension and Social Security systems in American may need revised. I agree that conclusion is correct. However, the references in the article are misleading at best. First, many, if not a majority, of the Delphi Retirees were coerced by the company to retire; others were simply given no choice in the matter. Because the "retirements" at Delphi were more or less forced, they are not representative of the country. Furthermore, many developed countries have significantly lower statutory retirement ages than the US does. Singapore, for example, has a statutory retirement age of 55, in China it is 60 for men and 50 for women, in Russia it is 60 for men and 55 for women. The point is it is not just the age, but also the need to generate job openings for younger people, and many other factors including life expectancy and politics that play a role in the age of retirement. Second, while many who were forced into retirement at an age much earlier than they had planned did lose a great deal of what they had earned and been promised by the company for decades, there are also many other factors that caused a wide age-range of people to lose a large portion of their earned pensions. Third, the issue is not really the loss of pension value at all. Many hourly groups had significant reductions in their health care insurance- a part of the compensation they earned. Delphi salaried retirees lost ALL of their health care and life insurance. However, specifically concerning pensions it is the discriminatory and politically motivated decisions that were made when the US Government chose winners and losers in the auto industry bankruptcies. Sworn testimony from Treasury officials have proven that the reason all of the UAW retirees were fully protected was because they were a "politically sensitive group." Evil decisions are made and evil things happen in bankruptcies. Executives protect themselves at the expense of those who depended on and trusted them. Politicians who want to protect their support base deny cronyism, but nonetheless take good care of that base while ignoring or purposely badly treating others not considered so politically important. But when the US Government makes decisions concerning the fate of citizens based on their "commercial necessity" then they have stepped way outside the US Constitution, and have imperiled all of the nearly 90% of the US Workforce that is not represented by any union, and even those who are represented by unions that are not big enough to be considered "politically sensitive." We are happy for the people and the communities that were given guarantees for their pensions by the US Government. They earned them and should receive them if at all possible. The problem is so did the rest of the people affected, but the Obama Administration chose to treat them quite differently. You could be next, if we don't fix this!

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Valley Delphi retirees to protest in Detroit

The point is NOT the loss of pensions. The point is that the government made a decision to take care of some while throwing others to the wolves based on their perceived "commercial value!" I wonder when they are going to make the same decisions regarding who should receive any other support on the same basis. You could be next! We need to stop this justification of "commercial necessity" NOW! No party in power should make a decision concerning citizens based on their commercial value!

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Mahoning Dems plan dinner with Barney Frank

Whether you like him or not, whether you blame him or not, whether he is your type or not, the political reality is that Barney Frank is a very powerful Congressman and having an opportunity to meet with him is worthy of the resurgent Democratic Party Dave Betras has helped. I don't like him either, but if I could somehow convince him that things need to be changed, then he has the power to change them, or at least move the powers that be in that direction. If all you do is throw rocks, expect him to put up defenses and ignore you. He is a politician, not a family counselor. All he needs is the votes in his district. What we need from him is corrections of past mistakes and he does not even necessarily agree they are mistakes - yet. We should be grateful for the opportunity and do our best to make good use of it.

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Reps go to bat for Delphi retirees

This has hurt our community, and will for the next 30 years just like what happened to the Steelworkers. I hope they succeed, for our benefit as well as theirs. I wonder where Jim Graham and Dave Green are on this? These guys aren't trying to take anything away from the unions, they just want what they earned. Didn't Gettelfinger say something about this? Something like "nobody should sit silently by and say nothing" or something like that? How come the UAW that got all those TARP funds are being so quiet about what happened to the Delphi Hourly and Salaried Retirees?

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The Delphi Ripple Effect

*** The Delphi Salaried Retirees Association requested the study.***

TIM RYAN requested the study, not the DSRA. He needed it to show how much this valley has been hurt by the Administration's unfair treatment of the IUE and Salaried Retirees.

Where did Akpadock come up with the 30 jobs per million number?

He did not "come up" with that number at all, but as he explained at the press conference used an internationally accepted model of economics to show what happens when an economy as fragile as ours takes a hit like this.

The Delphi salaried retirees want to whip everyone into a frenzy hoping that more people contacting their politician might help them.

I think you are correct on this one, and I agree. I am writing every political person I can find a fax number for on the internet, including that tax cheat who is in charge of the treasury and the Auto Task Force Tim Geithner and his boss. We can't take this here, we need help not more piling on by the very government we elected to prevent this kind of catastrophe. Those faxes will go out today. Thanks for the idea!

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The Delphi Ripple Effect

It is even less fair that those who had nothing to do with the Delphi issue will have to pay a heavy price. That is what this story is about Shakesspear. Life is not fair, but our government is OUR government and unless we make it live up to its promises and obey the same laws you and I have to, more people will get hurt. Why should so many who are already struggling in a very damaged and fragile economy have to deal with the fall out of the elitist attitude of a government that assigns "commercial value" to people? A war was fought over that and it was settled then, and it should not be a determining factor now. Get with it and care a little about your community, that is what this is about.

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