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Dann rebounds from past of scandal

For information about the flawed investigation report that state officials used to drive Dann from office (a story never told by the Ohio mainstream media), see the article at the link below. Forcing Dann from office had less to do with a "scandalous past" than with the extreme discomfort of some, both inside and outside the state government, about having a populist attorney general who was aggressively on the side of consumers and the public.

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Ohio Holocaust memorial approved for Statehouse

A number of federal courts have recognized that the Star of David is a sacred symbol of the Jewish religion. Displaying it so prominently on the Statehouse lawn indicates governmental support for that religion, in violation of the U.S. Constitution's requirement of governmental neutrality toward religion. Ironically, Jews have been among the strongest supporters of keeping government out of religion, based in part on their long history of being persecuted by governments. This precedent of government supporting their religion could eventually be turned against them, placing them yet again in the position of a persecuted minority.

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Critics want inspector general to release ‘Coingate’ report before election

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Supreme Court has hearing on Dann law license suspension

toycannon22: A problem with the Dann matter has been that the media and most of the public made snap judgments based on the nonsense put out by state officials who wanted Dann removed from office. And they never bothered to look at the acutal facts. Read the Free Press article and then see if you can tell me that Dann wasn't shafted and railroaded. For a version that might be easier to read, see

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Supreme Court has hearing on Dann law license suspension

As a state senator, Marc Dann made public-records requests and filed lawsuits that helped expose Coingate, the biggest scandal in the history of Ohio's state government. After the people elected Dann attorney general to give him much more power to investigate wrongdoing, state officials decided they couldn't allow that. So they used ridiculous sexual-harassment allegations to smear him and railroad him out of office without due process. Then they subjected his office to a witch hunt aimed at finding any small thing they could use to make him look bad. As for Coingate, though, state officials didn't write the legally required investigation report on what went wrong to cause it and who in state government was responsible for it. That wouldn't have happened if Dann had remained in office. As a retired state employee, I know that state officials also covered up other wrongdoing that they surely feared that Dann would expose if he wasn't removed. For more info about the pack of lies that state officials used to drive Dann from office, see

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Cordray is the right person for consumer protection job

I wish the Vindicator would explain to us how Cordray can be trusted after he mishandled the settlement of the bogus sexual-harassment complaints that enabled him to seize the attorney general's office in the first place. See
Perhaps this was another abuse of power that the Vindicator liked for some reason.

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Six-month suspension proposed for ex-Ohio AG

For a side of the Dann story that the Vindicator and the rest of the mainstream Ohio media didn't tell, see

Many Ohio reporters and editors should be thankful they don't need a license, because it surely would have been yanked based on the gross incompetence and cowardice they displayed in handling that story.

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Confronting crime

Richard Cordray is a fraud and a snake who should be removed from office. Read about how he seized the attorney general's office by rewarding the guilty and destroying the innocent:

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Strickland sees the economy as his biggest challenge

Strickland is friends with Bob Taft and keeps in touch with him, and their wives are very close? Maybe that explains why Strickland acts more like a Republican than a Democrat. And maybe it also explains why Strickland reappointed Taft''s inspector general, Tom Charles. That way, Charles could continue to cover up wrongdoing that occurred in Taft's administration, in addition to covering up wrongdoing in Strickland's administration. That's exactly what has happened. It appears that the Strickland administration really is, as some claim, Taft's third term.

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Ex-aide to Dann requests hearing

So the BWC leaped at the chance to investigate Gutierrez, even though the agency usually moves as slow as molasses. And then BWC rushed to prosecute him before he had a chance to protest the agency's allegations through the normal administrative process. If that's not retaliation for the corruption that Dann exposed at BWC, I don'r know what is.

Strickland should have cleaned house at BWC, so that this abuse of governmental powers would have stopped.Instead, he seems to be giving us Bob Taft's third term, complete with a lot of the same cast of despicable characters.

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