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Ohio man sentenced in pill-popping case

80% of prescription pain medication comes from the State of Florida -

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Tea Party event Saturday in Mercer, Pa.

PenguinBird - Is that really him? The second guy?

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Lordstown dispatcher disciplined for sleeping on the job

I think they can go ahead and consolidate Mr. Luonuansuu right out of a job.

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In the Democratic primary for US Senate: Lee Fisher

Jenny Brunner will win the Primary and the General.

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Tea Party event Saturday in Mercer, Pa.

Protesting against spending for Healthcare and services for the needy. Sounds realllllyyyy Christian to me.

How on earth can these clowns talk principles and values?

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Woman in Warren moves from cocaine addict to loving mom

Please answer honestly: Among those who have posted negatively here, how many of you are on Medicare or any other socialized government program?

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Mahoning Valley unemployment rate reached 14.5 percent in March

Ohio sales tax by County. I thought Mahoning would be much higher according to all the wingnut rethugs on this post.

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Judge tells cop to dress better

Tact and professionalism are lacking in today's society. This is evident in the officer's courtroom attire and it's evident in your comment timothy.

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Dems likely to lose some seats, Ryan says

madasheck, usa1, walter - You are all just tools for the facist, corporatist goons that are the rethuglican party.

You will all benefit substantially from this bill and from most Democratic policys.

You're just little tools that get distracted by shiny buzzwords like socialism and Obamacare.

You think you're on limbaugh, beck, and palin's team but they just use you for money and power.

usa1 - Still waiting on those succes stories of the teabags and sara palin....I know its hard to find them since neither has had any legislative or electoral success. I wouldn't count quitting midway through her term as governor as a success.

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Dems likely to lose some seats, Ryan says

usa1 - How is sarah palin successful? How is the tea party successful?

Please list for me examples of their sucess.

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