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Youngstown City Hall cleaner charged with taking city credit card

They allow a contracted out company (goes to the lowest bidder) access to the finance department after work hours. This should stop immediately. Clean during work hours or hire your own employees to do the job after a background check.

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Mayor’s race gets clarified

I have known Phil Kidd for many years now and he has always been an honest, humble, hard working man. He excels in listening, investigating, organizing and energizing those that share the same goals, primarily improving the quality of life in the city.

To wow_show.... Is it so hard to believe that there are people like him that exist? This city has improved thanks to Phil Kidd and others that believe in the same goals. It is those that have seen what he could do that are encouraging him to run for Mayor. If you know Phil, you know his "agenda" would be to put all of his knowledge and energy into making this city a great place to work and live.

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Now we need to do the same for the City of Youngstown. We need someone not tied to Cafaro, or in it for their own greed. We need someone that cares about the future of Youngstown. Phil Kidd for mayor!

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Sammarone won’t run for Youngstown mayor

Thank you ytownforlife for the post...if you are an active member of your neighborhood, you should know first hand what Phil Kidd has done for this city. He volunteers helping all residents improve the quality of life in Youngstown.

His experience will make him an excellent mayor. He attends more City Council, Committee, County Land Bank & neighborhood meetings than any current politician in office. If he is unsure of how to tackle a problem, he knows how to research the issue and bring it to the residents for discussion.

He is young, single and has lots of energy. What else could someone ask for in a mayor....they all learn on the job....he knows how to do that better than anyone else in this race.

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