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Valley courts get an F in OVI convictions

Oh and one other thing. Writing a news article and quoting the opinion of a person who is in a business that makes a living off of persons convicted of OVI is probably not the most unbiased vision of the whole story.

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Valley courts get an F in OVI convictions

I have worked in the Trumbull and Mahoning court systems. Almost every municipal prosecuting attorney is a part time employee, generally working about 12 to 15 hours a week. In all OVI cases the Defendant is entitled to three different hearings, the last being a trial, which if tried to a jury would typically take 2-3 full days. If the courts and prosecutors offices insisted in all OVI cases result in OvI convictions with severe penalties, there would be no incentive for the offender to plea, and all cases would result in the offender taking advantage of all of the available hearings. If that occurred, the cours would not be open for business enough hours to prosecute anything but OVI cases, and all other criminal and civil cases would have to be dismissed. With the part time judges in some courts and the part time prosecutors in most courts, it is simply a matter of judicial economy. Warren Muni is fortunate to have Traci and Nick as full time prosecutors, but that is a rare case. I believe most of the area prosecutors seek to do the best they can given the limited time they are employed in that capacity.

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Trumbull CSB faces lawsuit alleging sexual misconduct

Don't presume that because a lawsuit is filed, that the allegations are always true. Remember the people bringing the suit are looking for MONEY. Especially any law suit initiated by Davie Engler.

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