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No Facebook friends for Obama girls

Well good. The user agreement says you have to be at least 13 to be on Facebook anyway. Not that any parent seems to care about that.

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Hubbard library seeks levy renewal

Sorry, posted too quick. When they first had to cut hours they did close some mornings to stay open later, but they changed it to this. I'm sure that decision wasn't just made on a whim. And I doubt it is because it is too inconvenient for the staff, since they are doing everything they can to keep the library running - they want it to stay open and they know they have to buck up right now - which they are doing. They deserve nothing but praise, really.

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Hubbard library seeks levy renewal

Monday and Wednesday 9:30 – 7:30

Tuesday and Thursday 9:30 – 5:30

Saturday 9:30 – 1:30

Closed Friday and Sunday

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Hubbard library seeks levy renewal

The hours were cut because the budget was cut. If the levy passes, they will go back to normal opening hours, and you should be able to make it in again. :)

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Man walks into Wal-Mart, smashes 29 TVS with bat

Where's the punchline? Sounds like one of those jokes, "walks a man into Walmart, smashes 29 TV's with a bat, an old lady comes up to him and says...." Finish the joke!

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Tell us about your streets! How did the plowers do?

Hubbard Township did a good job. Of course some people complained that it took them until afternoon to go through (unlike early morning usually) and then only did one 'middle of the road' (unlike usual back and forth, which they did come back for the same day). But some people always complain. I bet they worked their behinds off, and I want to say thanks!!

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Plane to carry 61 orphans from Haiti to Pittsburgh

Do they need clothes and stuff for these kids? We have a gazillion babyclothes and items I could drive to Pittsburgh almost right away. How to find out? I hate to call them about it...

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Task force: Screen, treat obese kids

Why not start with the parents of these kids, instead of 'the state' taking charge? It isn't like young kids are responsible themselves, it is up to the parents to provide them with a healthy diet and make sure they are active. You can put kids of those ages in ten programs and it won't work after it ends when they are back home with mom and dad and being driven to Micky D's every night for dinner.

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Serious skaters tame ice

Jeff I was about to say the same thing! I constantly miss things I would have gone to if I had only known about them. Local news media *must* start doing a better job at announcing events, instead of only writing about them afterwards. I guess in this case we are lucky it is during - if we hurry we could still see the tail end. A shame. My 11 yr old daughter would have *loved* going!

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Two court dates set for woman charged with theft from Hubbard football group

The youth football team? There were (are) 3 football teams, as well as 3 cheerleading squads - in 3 different age groups.

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