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Check Out Parkour Teens Here

paulb... ever had an original idea, or does everything scare you? Get out and live life a little.

This is clearly NOT anything other than kids playing outside and exercising. To see it as anything negative just plays into the cancer that keeps Yo. depressing and controlled by fear-mongers.

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Vindy presses ahead in style

Greg, advertising revenue has nothing to do with reducing the web size. That's like saying gas mileage is affected by the color of your cloth seats.

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Opinions vary on cell-phone use in the car

Brittany is right. The law will be less enforeable than people think. But, pass it anyway so that lawyers have more to sue the Everyman over.

Given the choice over staying connected to my kids when they are out with friends and the fact that a cell phone gives us instant communication at all times far outweighs those few who have less common sense than experience and make bad choices to text and drive.

Ohio is known for passing stupid laws predicting where lightening is going to strike, so pass another one on texting...

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New rules required to prevent the flu

No offense to those with good intentions, but rules that delve into this kind of minutia and sanctioned by the government take us one step closer to Fascism or Communism--two polar opposite political cultures that merge when it comes to deciding what is "best" for the public.

The administration needs to back off, the media need to back off. Illnesses have forever been and will forever be part of life. Regulation does not stop the spread as well as good hygiene.

This is a non-story in 99.9% of the world, so why scare everyone with it?

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Swipes For School?

Poland Union's supply list was reasonable and inexpensive. Poland Middle School's was outlandish, repetitive and uncoordinated. $146 later I was done.

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Back to work

Falcon, stop with the victim mentality. Should they have picked you, me, my neighbor... who gets picked? What's your criteria? Wish them well and go do something good for the community rather than wallowing in your own negativity.

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Did you catch the pay raises at YSU? Ten percent over 3 years ... nice ...

Tenure, guaranteed raises, pensions... just change the name to General Motors University and the comparison will be complete.

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Are pickets picking on Henry?

Thu unions here are outdated and unnecessary. Henry is a good man and has done a lot for the community. Leave him alone and go picket Walmart, who is single-handedly killing jobs in the Valley... union or otherwise.

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How about a picture caption that actually mentions the people in the picture and what they are doing rather than another unnecessary reference to how bad things are.

Stop playing into the negativity, especially if the reference is a far reach.

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Shaq joins Lebron, Cavaliers

More like Loggins and Messina, or Burt and Ernie. Don't try to compare Shaq and LeBron to Michael and Scottie until Shaq and LeBron have 6 rings.

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