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Shot Of Readiness

is this Jesus guy pregnant?

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Nearly 650K jobs credited to stimulus plan

stop voting Republican and Democrat lawyers into office and maybe, just maybe, we will learn what a breath of "Fresh AIr" really means.

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Pa. Turnpike says AG has subpoenaed its records

X-turnpike employees suk, period. They are stupid and crooked. Retired awhole ran for office in our local government and won. Been there for years caused nothing but trouble. These workers got their jobs through either sex, criminal activity or political patronage. They are over paid and over laid.

Welcome to the Enon Valley Insurance for all who can afford to pay crowd. The campground, dining hall, and museum I enjoy. When someone offered an education program, Chicago threw up their dinner.

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Will you vote for Issue 3 to allow four casinos to be built in Ohio?

Until all ramifications arose on this subject, I never thought much about it. Illegal book making (lottery) is by far a better revenue for Ohio. Lottery players normally do not cause their families grief and poverty--nor do they need Dr.'s of Psychiatry.

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Pilots missed Minneapolis airport by 150 miles — but how?

I've passed up my exit on the Turnpike and had to drive for miles to get back on--guess this could easily have happened.

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The house being built by love

Dry wall is made in China from unknown materials. Learn how to plaster and mortar you dumb lazy idiots. Let Chinese junk stay in China.

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Ed’s miracle

I too have a disability, therefore understand the plight of people with disabilities. My employer for many years was “Newhope” in Richland County Ohio, there I met many many people (children and adults) with a variety of disabilities. I too will share your story with them.

Dobre’ Dobre‘, God will bless you there is no doubt.

Do not forget also that many disabilities are ethnic. Mine is “Ashkenazi Jew. Ashkenazi was the son of Abraham and grandson of Noah.

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Youngstown cops conduct drug raids, issue apology

A stamp bag of “H” (White Heroin) is bought when a user wants to shoot (inject with a needle or snort), cannot be smoked.

I recall when our police department (my former employer) picked up a girl on drug violations. She was a user and could sure hook you up to a junky in a heart beat.

Police officers frisked her, booked her, and put her in lock up until they could transport her to the “Big House” later that night.

My job as a Civilian employee was mostly clerical, however there were times when I was asked to over step those bounds. One of those was to monitor the “Jail’s holding cells”, this was done via a TV camera and monitor.

This particular night when the gal was in lock up I was asked to check her more personal crevasses. She had a tiny old fashion “watch pocket” something usually found on male trousers and not female. Inside that pocket was a straw cut to about a length of “4” inches and “stamp bag” of “H”.

Drug dealers are as smart or smarter than legitimate businessman on working “Wall street” and all proceeds from the business is tax exempt. The down fall is how does one take bundles of dirty money (covered with white powdered) and make it “Clean“? Making money clean is being able to walking into a “Jewelry Store” at any Mall and buying up all the diamond stud earrings for the neighborhood.

Police Computer is called “Clean”, and is INTERPOL, in use world wide. After meeting a law enforcement officer in Slovenia who ran Interpol we discussed “Angels and Demons” world wide. Little did I know such a book would be at the College Bookstore a few years later.

When I came back to America, I read the Interpol manual on Clean and sent the test message--got a reply.

Crack houses are good to renovate--NO? you never know what you might find.

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Union leader upset with Forum Health pay proposal for Buzz Pishkur

I am but one person.

A person who wants and needs a “Portable Power Scooter” this device folds can be pulled along like a luggage, it costs $1,000 to $1,500 dollars. My independence would not be jeopardized by such a vehicle.

However, I also qualify for SSD and Medicaid. My physician will write a prescription for a power chair for me as she agrees it would be a good thing.

Medicare and Medicaid “WILL” pay for a $7,000 power scooter. My apartment is to small and I use a walker which works well for me.

I called Senator Voinovich’s office and ask if I could have a car with a wheel-chair lift for my daughter so that she can take me where I want to go. The answer was of course no.

What you are saying then is I should spend 24/7 in a power chair in my apartment or nothing, is that correct? Yes was the answer.

My independence will not be stifled by this kind of thinking thank-you. Send me a form, I’ll fill it out and perhaps this example of stupidity could end up in the HC reform bill.

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’Round and ’round it goes (sort of like a roulette wheel)

Here is the list of states that already allow gambling.

On your “profit and loss statement“, chalk up support services for gamblers. Addiction meetings, lost family values, poverty, sex for sale, drug use, murder, and any other crime element enforcement you can think of.

How did we go from the illegal numbers writing racket to organized legal gambling--crazy.

Gambling seems to have the element of entertainment for some people, I suppose I am not one those. I’ll leave that to the Trumps and Limbaugh crowd.

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