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Ryan in battleground Ohio: Obama is weak on defense

Yes, he's weak on defense. Unless you ask the Pirates that the US sharpshooters shot, or ask Osama, or ask anyone involved in the recent terrorist attacks (oh yeah, there haven't been any on our soil), he's really weak.

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McCain and Palin ready to fight for Ohio

There was a politician who accepted $200,000 in campaign contributions, (today's dollars) over a half dozen free vacations via private jet to Bahama, and other perks. This politician voted against efforts to strengthen laws which governed the contributor's business. Then in 1987, when the politician found out the government was investigating his "friend," he tried to get the regulators to back off.

That politician was John McCain. McCain was protecting Charles Keating, the head of the then Lincoln Savings and Loan. When the Lincoln Savings and it's parent company went under, over 23,000 pensioners lost their money.

Last Monday, McCain said the economy was fundamentally sound; 10 days later he's decided he needs to be in Washington to solve this "crisis."

McCain is right when he says he doesn't really understand economic issues. And the American people are right when they see McCain using this crisis as a gimmick to avoid debating Obama. And then to use the same excuse to cancel the Vice Presidential debates? Give us a break.

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McCain and Palin ready to fight for Ohio

Wall Street drops 500 points, the worst one day plunge since 911. Two major American financial institutions need bailing out, or buying out. A week ago, FannieMae/FreddiMac get bailed out. AIG and Washington Mutual are on thin ice.

And Monday, McCain announces the "fundamentals of the economy are strong". A few months ago, he tells a TV interviewer he's not knowledgeable about the economy. Mr McCain, the fundamentals of American capitalism are business, banking, and Wall Street.

In office for 24 years, and for the last eight, McCain has been part of the Republican controlled Congress, and voted for 90% of everything Bush wanted. And that included diluting oversight, putting industry execs in positions of regulation over their own businesses, and allowing lobbyists to write the laws.

But only now, in the judgment of Presidential candidate John McCain, do we need reform. And who better to reform than the candidate who went along with, and supported all the garbarge that brought us here. He says he will hold those Wall Street people responsible. Well, he won’t have far to look since his senior campaign staff are the same economic lobbyists.

Obama will lower taxes on every family making less than $250,000, give tax breaks to companies that bring jobs to Ohio, and close loopholes that give breaks to companies like Rubbermaid and Hoover who shipped jobs to Communist China.

McCain will continue to give millions of tax breaks to the Oil Industry; he owes it to them since he flip-flopped on offshore drilling.

McCain will also make bigger tax cuts for the weathly, even though Obama gives bigger tax breaks to regular folks. McCain will also tax the value of your health insurance as part of his health care plan. McCain will say you get a $5000 credit on that, but with the average policy for a family of four around $12000, your taxable income still rises $7000. I bet that wasn't in his planned remarks today.

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Republicans to America: Go forth and multiply

Sorry, Bull_Chip but when the Family Values crowd-who is more than happy how to tell my family how to behave-fails their own family, I get to tell the Family Values crowd to pay attention to their own family first.

Sadly, many families don't support their unwed daughter's like the Palin's are. Those girls are forced out onto the street, and need a place to live and get pre-natal care. But in Palin's Alaska, she cut the funding for that kind of place, the Convenant House by 20%.

I don't see anyone criticizing Bristol, I see people questioning the parenting skills. Can someone tell me how it's in an unborn special needs baby's interest, when the mother's water breaks and she chooses to give a speech, to then take an 8 hour fight to Alaska, and then to drive past two hospitals, and finally go to the third to give birth?

Let's talk about Palin's experience and background. Are we allowed? I understand from the McCain campaign we have to show proper respect and reverance. Is she running for vice president or queen, by the way?

What we know is true is that Mayor Palin decided to build a hockey rink in town on land the town didn't own. No one bothered to check. She left the town with a pending lawsuit and a $20 million dollar budget deficit. She went from a balanced budget, and left with a huge deficit. Now that's Washington experience!

What we know is true is that she is under investigation for using her influence to have the supervisor of the state troopers fired, for not firing someone associated with a bad divorce in her family. (a bipartisan investigation which began before her VP nod) So she tried to misuse her position of authority to have a government employee fired. Now that's Washington experience!

Meanwhile, while Obama was in the US Senate, he authored 152 bills, and cosponsored another 427. Including the Coburn-Obama Govt Transparency Act, and the Lugar-Obama Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Conventional Weaposn Threat Reduction Act. Both of which became law.

And thanks for the mention of the latest fake issue created the the McCane folks--"lipstick on a pig". I sure you were equally outraged when McSame made the same comment about Hillary's heath care plan, or was it about Hillary? Or was this another attempt not to talk about the economic disaster that is the Bush/McCain policies in a "misdirection, obfuscation and disingenuous arguments" kind of way? Oh, that's what liberals do. oops.

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