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If the election were held today, who would you vote for president?

The one thing that anyone can count on in this area is that the dogma hasn't changed as far as Hate-mongering by a select few. I have lived in this valley since'72 and grew up both white and blue collar and the best thing going here is the tenacity of the citizens in tough times. The painful part has been the cannibalistic attacks of the two parties(we know who we are)upon each other. How about lifting up our eyes and see the true battlefield. The war that rages within each of us to find a common peace so we can prosper. Let's not give the victories to those who would use and abuse our electoral significance in this, as well as future,elections. For once I was considering changing party loyalty only to see that if ,nothing else, I would have to stay to my earlier convivtions. What made this country great should be honored. However, times change and so do people. Let's stand united after this election has come and gone so we can be busy with the trying times that face us and ours. May God bless the United States of America.

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